williwieberg: Temple
williwieberg: understanding between peoples
williwieberg: sitting on the Dead Sea
williwieberg: golden roofs
williwieberg: Bonjour Tristesse
williwieberg: posing for mum and dad
williwieberg: Golan Heights
williwieberg: Jerusalem
williwieberg: Greek Orthodox Monastery
williwieberg: concrete Jerusalem
williwieberg: habour of Akkon
williwieberg: street of Tel Aviv
williwieberg: you can't be too careful
williwieberg: happy girl
williwieberg: Sea of Galilee
williwieberg: Bonjour Tristesse
williwieberg: Holy Water for sale
williwieberg: Church of the Holy Sepulchre
williwieberg: business lunch
williwieberg: Dome of the Rock
williwieberg: Dead Sea
williwieberg: vibrant Tel-Aviv
williwieberg: happy tourist
williwieberg: Well, it's the little things...
williwieberg: Lion's Gate Street
williwieberg: fresh morning in Hamburg
williwieberg: lazy at the beach