whootzs: Yune ...
whootzs: London
whootzs: Wommelgem, Belgium
whootzs: near Calais on a cloudy morning (taken from the Eurostar train) Bronica SqA, 80MM 2.8 + yellow filter, TriX@320, Adonal 1/100, 90min stand development
whootzs: London, Tate Britain.-
whootzs: Jense eating mud ...
whootzs: Alec Soth, Fomu Antwerpen. B&W (+contrast)-1
whootzs: Old Metal ... Mechelen, Belgium
whootzs: U...-
whootzs: London, No dumping allowed
whootzs: La Fargassa, 4 bengels in het "venster"-
whootzs: Cutie with an attitude ...
whootzs: Mansoor ...
whootzs: Hot summerdays in the city ...-
whootzs: My little one's first black eye
whootzs: What's He up to ...-
whootzs: London ... 16 02 '19
whootzs: London, B&W Doggy ... 2019 5 2 (8)
whootzs: Isolde and the unexpected (artsy ) light leak
whootzs: Canon Canonet QL17 gIII
whootzs: Jense @ the table
whootzs: Isolde & the poppy... Mechelen, Belgium
whootzs: Playing with the big gun, DIY selfie
whootzs: Pigeon, waiting for the train _
whootzs: My son Arne and his little man's bun ...
whootzs: Free Cash
whootzs: London ...
whootzs: London
whootzs: Arne
whootzs: Arne ...