White☨ANGEL: Exercize in macro sharpness, light management & Still Life arrangement. Ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: "Best Friends". My Lovebird Chiaraluna and her life companion Piccola. Alive & Still Life macro delight by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 12
White☨ANGEL: "SPRING Renaissance". Cymbidium 3D Chiaroscuro Light Painting by #WhiteANGEL ZOOM-in! #LimitEdition (max. 6 Groups)
White☨ANGEL: "SPRING HAIKU" my Still Life and visual Haiku dedicated to the Equinox and beginning of Spring. Photo, Still Life and digital work by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: "Cymbidium bountifulness" Super close-up ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Hippeastrum trilogy in full blossom. Super Macro Light Painting by #WhiteANGEL (to be zoomed) #LimitEdition
White☨ANGEL: Second *Hippeastrum plant in bloom at natural daylight. Super-Macro Light Painting by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Second *Hippeastrum plant in bloom (*genre Amaryllis). Super-Macro Light Painting by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 12
White☨ANGEL: "To the Women" Amaryllis* Super-Macro Light Painting by #WhiteANGEL (worthy a zooming :-)
White☨ANGEL: " Papà, watch over me from up there " White Angel. My conclusive work derived from my two previous assisted AI images. Tribute to my Dad
White☨ANGEL: " Papà, watch over me from up there ". AI test 1 while I'm taking a photo in your memory...
White☨ANGEL: It's the 2nd Birthday of my Flickr profile: I want to post a diptychon of my sweet newly born albin Lovebird "Chiaraluna". Micro(mondo) Macro by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: My Valentine Still Life with a natural heart-shaped sun beam. Macro ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Alive shabby Still Life with Chiaraluna, my newborn albin Lovebird Friend. ZOOM IN. Macro ph. by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 12
White☨ANGEL: Venetian creative autarchia.
White☨ANGEL: 💣READ ME*: "When the mind creates beautiful monsters..." (A modern Hentai to express a serious issue on AI) *= if you wish to
White☨ANGEL: Il Cinematografo, Le Cinématographe ! Remembering the movie star Gina Lollobrigida. Ph.by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: The happy trio of the "Greens" sisters. Macro_ph. by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 6
White☨ANGEL: The 3 "Greens" sisters in their baby cot. Macro_ph. by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 12
White☨ANGEL: This time 3 more Lovebirds from the couple Blue & Luce :-) Macro ph. by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 6
White☨ANGEL: The 3 Sisters Greens ! ZOOM-in: Macro ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Three new born in the "Greens" Family. Macro ph. by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition 10
White☨ANGEL: And now my Lovebirds on the limelights for a... special Christmas decoration ! Ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Alive Christmas tree with my Lovebirds! ZOOM IN ! Ph. by #WhiteANGEL #LimitEdition
White☨ANGEL: Game: find how many parrots are merged in this Christmas garland: Panoramic Wheel for my Lovebirds! Ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: I due Basettoni sull'albero di Natale. Ph. by WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Christmas toy decorations & mini lights for my cockatiels. Ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Las Vegas lights for my cockatiels! Ph. by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: "The Greens", my new born Lovebird siblings! Close-up at candlelight by #WhiteANGEL
White☨ANGEL: Another little miracle of Nature. Two newborn lovebirds. Super Macro by #WhiteANGEL