whateyesee13: Into the woods...
whateyesee13: If everything's falling, if everything's changed If I'm in the open, if I'm in the way
whateyesee13: This is the air I breathe, this is the song I bleed
whateyesee13: My loves
whateyesee13: boy meets world
whateyesee13: do you see what I see?
whateyesee13: Slow down, it's all too fast. Let's make it last a little while. I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly. I am your biggest fan I hope you know I am. But do you think you can somehow, Slow down
whateyesee13: Door to Hatteras Lighthouse
whateyesee13: Protect the Dunes
whateyesee13: a light that can reach it all
whateyesee13: Avon Pier
whateyesee13: if I stand let me stand on the promise, that You will pull me through
whateyesee13: if you're lost at sea, just reach out to me and hold on - MamaDear Music
whateyesee13: Dig in
whateyesee13: "I need a place to hide away from the storm. When the waters rising, when the sun don't shine, I need a place to hide away and some peace tonight" - Ben Rector
whateyesee13: Dreaming of colder times
whateyesee13: Paddle faster!!!
whateyesee13: Ride the waves
whateyesee13: soak it in
whateyesee13: You are the peace in my troubled sea // Ocracoke Lighthouse // Outer Banks // North Carolina
whateyesee13: If love is an ocean wide/We'll swim in the tears we cry/They'll see us through to the other side/We're gonna make it
whateyesee13: watch out world
whateyesee13: Lake Susan
whateyesee13: Happy Boy!
whateyesee13: Charcuterie class project
whateyesee13: Peyton turns 2
whateyesee13: Peyton turns 2
whateyesee13: Lake Susan
whateyesee13: Retrograde
whateyesee13: Red hot pokers on iPhone 11 in portrait mode