deanwgd608: leftovers from the pre-gentrified hood.
deanwgd608: clown
deanwgd608: Brooklyn Botanical Garden
deanwgd608: Brooklyn Botanical Garden
deanwgd608: The Guggenheim
deanwgd608: penny candy for a quarter
deanwgd608: camp in the Pennsylvania woods.
deanwgd608: Ma & Pop Resturant
deanwgd608: Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania
deanwgd608: Moshood
deanwgd608: oranges & blueberries
deanwgd608: Crown Heights, 4 windows
deanwgd608: autumn afternoon color
deanwgd608: The Guggenheim
deanwgd608: Guggenheim Museum 8246
deanwgd608: Guggenheim Museum 8219
deanwgd608: Guggenheim Museum 8209
deanwgd608: wild berries 8137
deanwgd608: autumn reflection 8162
deanwgd608: bridge rail arches 8180
deanwgd608: the Great War memorial 8173
deanwgd608: orange leaves
deanwgd608: the Boathouse 5653
deanwgd608: smiling lady in a fancy dress
deanwgd608: DUMBO facade 8136
deanwgd608: the Manhattan bridge & the giant monolith. 8128
deanwgd608: wrought iron detail
deanwgd608: tea kettles and percolators
deanwgd608: horse & carriage stable paraphernalia
deanwgd608: 19th century kitchen