wbaiv: Down Moraga Avenue to beauty... IMG_0348 resize
wbaiv: Paddington with fuzzy foot IMG_E0346 (1)
wbaiv: Angel as bedroom otter. IMG_0092
wbaiv: Angel stretches 1 paw... MG_0090
wbaiv: Oscura napping, closeup. IMG_0106
wbaiv: Oscura napping, comfy. IMG_0111
wbaiv: "E" type drop top IMG_0011
wbaiv: Sharp looking Tesla Model 3 IMG_0132
wbaiv: The day Biden and Harris looked likely to have at least 270 Electoral College votes. IMG_0015
wbaiv: Broken brass T bolt releases bowl from flange IMG_0017
wbaiv: Toilet repair often starts by removing the tank IMG_0032
wbaiv: Kohler 1-piece screw gaskets and tank to bowl seal IMG_0037
wbaiv: Bowl side of Kohler 1-piece seal/gasketIMG_0038
wbaiv: Whoops! Crushed wax ring broke at the back. Evidence of moisture obvious, but gravel?? IMG_0039
wbaiv: Previous Pro installer's caulk/seal/ pad IMG_0042
wbaiv: Seal/caulk around bowl base, gravel / dirt / evidence of moisture IMG_0043
wbaiv: ...and adhesive for the little feet in front of the 'horn'IMG_0055
wbaiv: Loose stuff scraped away, its been damp. IMG_0062
wbaiv: Damp stuff dug/vacuumed upIMG_0066
wbaiv: 1st try: 5/16 instead of 1/4" brass T bolt IMG_0149
wbaiv: 3rd try, stainless steel carriage bolt instead of brass T bolt IMG_0153
wbaiv: Broken brass T bolt and a second, larger, broken off piece I found under the flange.IMG_0160
wbaiv: Broken off piece matches the bolt. Bigger, thicker, broken-off is from a different bolt. IMG_0164
wbaiv: Flange bolt follies! Originals, left, 3rd, 2nd, 1st steps to right.IMG_0188
wbaiv: Carriage bolt worked find on the far side. Near side needed metal cut and concrete ground-down. IMG_0199
wbaiv: Dremel steel cutter ok for brass, not for concrete. IMG_0207
wbaiv: The 3rd try fails: carriage bolt won't allow nut and washer to fit flange!IMG_0210
wbaiv: Carriage bolt keeps washer at shoulder, not head. IMG_0225
wbaiv: IMG_0211
wbaiv: IMG_0212