wavz13: A horrible incident at a lobster-bake party and YOU are there to witness it! Apparently, the crustacean wasn't quite ready to be cooked and let my friend know about it. That's an old girlfriend of mine on the left. She was cute! Milford, CT. August 1988
wavz13: Will the REAL Pete Levy please stand up! Remember the "To Tell The Truth" TV show where 3 contestants claimed to be the same person. I took a photo of Pete, had two copies made and glued them to a cardboard backing to create masks for a Halloween party.
wavz13: Back in 3rd grade in 1966, I had an enormous crush on this girl. Those bangs, those sparking eyes, that smile! True puppy love. We were both 8 years old. I only wish wish that I could remember her name. Milford, Connecticut. November 1966
wavz13: From the top of the Ferris Wheel at a carnival. Can U find a man smoking a pipe, teen smoking a cigarette, two kids dressed identically, two teen girls walking fast, a man frying hamburgers, a 1960s Plymouth Barracuda. North Haven Connecticut. August 1972
wavz13: The new, even MORE beautiful Bonneville for '65! Only Pontiac can bring you a car this sporty and attractive! Styling with flair and innovation - sleek and powerful. Youthful and Zesty! Unmistakably Pontiac! Get behind the wheel at your dealership now.
wavz13: My sister's 8th birthday party out in the back yard. She's the one with red ribbons in her hair. Next to her is Stacey, her best friend. We're drinking Penguin soda from steel cans in fruit flavors and munching on potato chips. Milford, CT July 3 1970
wavz13: Late Saturday afternoon in the old neighborhood. Teens in various old cars stop at the Ivy Package Store at left to pick up the requisite booze for the night. The corner of Seabreeze and Merwin Avenues. Milford CT. July 1974
wavz13: Cruisin' home on the new Tappan Zee Bridge to Rockland County, New York after visiting friends in Connecticut. This bridge is SO much nicer than the old, rickety, rusty pile of bolts which it replaced. July 2020
wavz13: Now that it's summer, here's a shot of "Charlie Baby", our Good Humor man. Not only did he sell ice-cream, but also chain-smoked Camels and told one nonstop dirty joke after another. He was the coolest ice cream guy I've ever met! Milford, CT. Aug 1972
wavz13: Midtown Manhattan during a smoggy sunset looking southeast to the East River and Brooklyn in the distance. The brand new Chrysler Building and Empire State building hover over the city. New York. 1935
wavz13: While our family waited for our Los Angeles cousins to arrive, my sister used a toy mouse to calm down a crying little boy who was afraid to fly. JFK Airport. New York. July 1972
wavz13: Kid photojournalism: Something really bad just happend - and YOU are there! Mom and Dad look on with concern as my friend's kid brother runs away while crying. Milford Connecticut. July 1972
wavz13: For the Fourth of July 2003, my radio station, WPKN-FM, did a live remote and music programming from a street festival in South Norwalk, Connecticut which lasted all day and well into the night.
wavz13: OK, fellow Baby Boomers... who remembers the Flintstones styrofoam building block kit which was sold in the early to mid 1960s. That's me in a recently completed Igloo up in my room. Yabadabadoooo! Milford Connecticut. March 1966.
wavz13: Strip away all the tall modern apartments, stores, condominiums, corporate headquarters and you have the old post-industrial version of Jersey City. Taken from the 58th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower. March 1975
wavz13: A fleeting moment in time taken from the back seat of my dad's car as we zoomed past the not yet fully completed World Trade Center from the West Side Highway. New York. August 25 1972
wavz13: Back when the United Illuminating "English Station" was still online and producing power. I snapped this view from my ten-speed bike while crossing Chapel Street's Mill River bridge in the Fair Haven neighborhood. New Haven Connecticut. July 1974
wavz13: 1970s car heaven! Ford Maverick, Chevy Vega, Oldsmobile, Mustang, AMC Javelin, even a red MG. (sorry, no Ford Pinto). From the top of the Temple Street Garage. New Haven Connecticut. Dec 28 1974
wavz13: Sorry... a day late! New York Harbor with lots of ships including an NYFD fire boat spraying water. The Good Year blimp flies over the Statue of Liberty. All were celebrating America's Bicentennial on July 4th 1976.
wavz13: It's Monday and back to work you go in Lower Manhattan as the Staten Island Ferry pulls into its grandiose 19th century terminal. New York. July 1930.
wavz13: Just an average guy with a wind-blown tie and a straw hat crosses the Brooklyn Bridge to his job in Lower Manhattan. Trains zoom by and a Model T makes its way across the bridge in a hurry. New York. August 1911.
wavz13: In the summer, I used to love taking a bike ride around the neighborhood in early morning before people began waking up. Here, my Kodak Pocket 40 shows how Merwin Avenue used to look. Milford CT. July 1973
wavz13: Yahoo! We finally get to see the movie "Now You See Him, Now You Don't"! After enough pestering, Dad gave in and drove me, my sister and her friend to the Whitney Theater in the north New Haven neighborhood of Whitneyville. Candy cost 15 cents! July 1972
wavz13: Way before this neighborhood became Ninth Square, it was New Haven's furniture and appliance row. Before all the shopping centers opened on the Post Road, people drove downtown to buy a washing machine or an air conditioner. New Haven, CT. July 4 1974
wavz13: The cool thing about my Kodak Pocket 40 was that is could handle low-light scenes without flash. My mom and sister on the porch having coffee with Grand Union milk at night. Milford, Connecticut. Aug 1974.
wavz13: OK, radio old-timers... what are these? No, they're not eight track cartridges, but something used for decades in the radio business until around 1999 when computer automation systems were phased in. WPKN-FM. Bridgeport. CT. March 2007
wavz13: A rare Druid ritual and YOU are there to witness it! Two girls pay homage to the Deities Of Fire by toasting an old Tonka dump truck in my dad's barbecue. Milford Connecticut. July 1973
wavz13: A lone 1971 Ford Capri navigates the decrepit old West Side Highway. With absolutely no maintenance since its construction in the 1920s, it was inevitable that a collapse took place in November 1973. April 1973. New York.
wavz13: Finally! Conclusive proof that the Earth has been visited by life forms not of this world. A DEEP crop of a 110 film negative showing activity at our beach. A strange metallic object silently glides above the beach then disappears. Milford CT. Aug 1973
wavz13: So here we have this vintage 1971 beauty. It was very popular in Europe and the UK in the early 1970s. In America, the Capri was sold through Ford dealerships. All this one requires is a little Bondo and some tender loving care. June 2020.