wavz13: Still life with 5 boxes of 1970s Kodak 110 film and a pack of GE Flash Cubes during the afternoon "golden hour" taken with freezer-stored Konica 110 film which had expired 3 years ago. Shot with a Pentax Auto-110, the smallest SLR ever made. Sept 1999
wavz13: We had the coolest swings in our back yard. My sister and a friend stand on the "twirler", a swing which also spun around. There was also a hanging bar and a two-person swing, which with enough inertia, flew quite high. Milford CT. Aug 1974
wavz13: So, let's say it's the summer of 1972 and you have only one frame of film left on your cartridge of Kodak's black and white 126 film. You want to see the other 23 photos, so you shoot something like this to finish up the roll. Milford, Connecticut.
wavz13: Way before the million dollar townhouses and condos, expensive antique stores and elegant waterfront restaurants, Piermont, New York was a blue collar paper mill town. Here, the Robert Gair paper plant puffs away and pours waste into the Hudson. 1960.
wavz13: Built in 1914 for Sylvester Poli, an early 20th century movie distributor/theater owner, the Villa Rosa Mansion has quite a history. Being on the Long Island Sound shore, the mansion was in its glory until his wife, Rosa, died in 1960. Milford, Conn. 1972
wavz13: Kodachrome slides are the closest thing we have to a time machine. A young Dad and Mom sit atop a large granite rock at the Anchor Beach with Long Island Sound in the background. Milford Connecticut. Aug 1961
wavz13: My friends and I spent hours on the beach building "Sand Cities" complete with skyscrapers, highways and blocks of small houses and apartments. As the tide came in, we dug canals to divert the water as long as possible. Milford CT. Aug 1973
wavz13: I found this print in my Dad's collection. After retiring in 1992 from a career at the Port Authority, he and my Mom travelled a lot in the tri-state area. Here's Mom at Exchange Place with the New York skyline across the Hudson. Jersey City. May 1999.
wavz13: Summer memories of my family. Mom at left with her arm around one my LA cousins, Dad lurks in the background, my sister, my best friend and another LA cousin with her leg crossed. By the gate to our house on Rock St. Milford CT. July 1973
wavz13: So, here we are in 2021 and I'm listening to a cassette tape recorded off the radio in August 1975. Its being played back on the exact same tape deck bought in 1973 which this recording was originally made on. These Panasonic decks were built to last!
wavz13: A thousand points of light illuminate midtown Manhattan on a smoggy night. The Chrysler Building, The Chanin, Metropolitan Life and the Empire State Building stand tall and proud. New York. 1935
wavz13: Put yourself behind the wheel of a brand new Capri! Explore its sporty luxury, taut 4 speed gearbox (automatic is optional), plush carpeting, bucket seats and available vinyl roof. Spoked wheels standard. Only at your Lincoln Mercury dealership.
wavz13: My friends and I respond to the the building of 25 cheap new houses along the swampy land on Seabreeze Avenue. We painted a sarcastic sign and nailed it to the newest home being framed. Milford, CT. Aug 1974
wavz13: Hanging out at a friend's Manhattan apartment in Tribeca with the TV on. It has a nice view out the windows as well. Those two identical towers look somehow familiar. New York. April 2000.
wavz13: Meet Mr Happy Elf. Yes, that's me. Mom used to sew all these silly costumes for me to wear around Christmas, then Dad would dutifully photograph them on Kodachrome slides. Never thought I would ever upload this one. Milford, CT. Dec 1960.
wavz13: My Mom holding a REALLY young me. Dad took this Kodachrome slide in a mirror and his camera is visible in the background. Milford Connecticut. Jan 1959
wavz13: More Lower Manhattan adventures in the good old days. The swampy fields of future Battery Park City, a guy from New Jersey takes a snooze, The World Trade Center hovers and all is right with the world. New York. August 1976
wavz13: A lot of Flickr friends asked me for an updated photo of the "Moss Mobile". At one point, it was a pretty sharp looking 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with a DOCH engine. Today, it serves as an environment for moss, bacterial and insect life. Yuck! Sept 2021.
wavz13: As you may know, I was a DJ on WPKN-FM doing the Saturday evening oldies show for almost 19 years. Back in 1999, I snapped this photo of the station's General Manager's car covered with WPKN stickers and a custom license plate. Bridgeport, CT
wavz13: At last, conclusive proof that Mars is populated by intelligent life forms! This declassified NASA image clearly shows the architecture of dwellings built by the planet's inhabitants. Based on available telemetry, the aliens appear to be 2 inches tall.
wavz13: Several years ago, I found on eBay the original 1968 brochure which the Surf Club West mailed out to prospective members. This view shows the lower level cabanas looking out to our Long Island Sound beach. Milford CT. Aug 1968
wavz13: My older son caught in a contemplative mood on top of Signal Rock as a salty marine breeze gently blows. It's hard to describe just how relaxing it is up there while taking in a panoramic view of Long Island Sound. Milford, CT. Aug 1999.
wavz13: It's amazing how semi-rural our neighborhood used to be. Old 19th century beach rental cottages lined the shoreline. Looking from Rock Street to Merwin Ave. The Goodyear blimp flies over Long Island Sound. Milford CT. Aug 1964
wavz13: Daily life on Merwin Ave. Vinnie's Apizza, the abandoned Sauter Hotel at left. Sloppy Joe's restaurant in the distance. A friend pokes through rusty galvanized garbage cans. A '68 Chevy Impala with NY plates is parked. Milford CT Aug 1973
wavz13: A lone sailboat on the horizon, a couple sit on a bench with a baby carriage, a woman takes a late afternoon stroll. Anchor Beach and the Signal Rock by sunset light. Milford Connecticut. Aug 1989.
wavz13: A jolly Fourth of July at the Anchor Beach. Seven flags fly from a house, women wear their finest, men celebrate in suits, people enjoy canoeing, a small covered boat docks and swimmers gather on the Signal Rock and its pier. Milford CT. July 1917
wavz13: On a trip back home from New York to Milford, I REALLY needed a bathroom! Dad mercifully pulled into the next rest stop on the Connecticut Turnpike. This was the one in Fairfield. On the way out, I asked my family to pose for a snapshot. June 1973
wavz13: Last weekend, I wanted to drive from New York to my hometown in Connecticut. The Merritt Parkway is always slammed with traffic, so I set the still-functioning Time Machine to August 21, 1950 hoping for no delays... wrong!
wavz13: TV screenshot of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis on ABC news with Frank Reynolds on day 174 of their capture at the American Embassy. The rescue plan initiated by the military failed because of mechanical problems with 3 helicopters. April 24, 1980
wavz13: Early 1930s women singing with a hearty gusto, some from memory and others from sheet music. The piano player listens with legs crossed. Oddly enough, most seem to be looking up. What on earth is going on here?