wavz13: A pile of colorful junked cars lays scattered in the Hoboken Auto Body lot as seen from the Jersey City Heights near Observer Highway. Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center hover in the background. Sept 1978
wavz13: A colorful carnival ride hovers over the placid blue waters of the Hudson River. Piermont was in the process of converting from abandoned paper plants to luxury condos and restaurants. Piermont, NY. June 1991
wavz13: Hanging out on 42nd St, 1980s style. XXX Video, passport photo joints, VCR and camcorder stores, several bodegas, delis, Marlboro billboard, DKNY, adult entertainment bar, film processing, Lotto. New York. Sept 1989
wavz13: A somewhat portly me making a "too cool to care" face behind a plastic diving mask. Sis casually floats around the shoreline of Long Island Sound wearing a red ribbon in her braids. Milford Connecticut. July 1968
wavz13: The joy of New York life in the 1970s. During the massive power blackout of summer '77, rioting, looting and arson began to quickly spread in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Two years later Brooklyn's Bushwick section looked like a war zone.
wavz13: The wild west comes to Jersey City. A lone decrepit railcar sits among an urban prairie of wild grasses, surrounded by the ruins of the Central RR of New Jersey. The Lower Manhattan skyline and the Word Trade Center hover in a different world. April 1979
wavz13: A perennial favorite. The abject no-man's land at the end of Greene Street looking south to the Morris Canal, The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Shacks from the Greene Street Boat Club in the foreground. Jersey City. March 1975
wavz13: Hey, anything good on TV tonight? A small television gently floats in the waves of the Hudson River just south of Exchange Place's ancient ferry piers. As with most of these photos, the World Trade Center hovers in the distance. Jersey City. March 1979
wavz13: More Jersey City fun back in the day. Vast swaths of nothing but junk-filled lots and a few ancient factories. The NJ Turnpike slices through the view. Taken from near Cornelison Ave by Johnston Ave. World Trade Center in the distance. Nov 1977.
wavz13: Some people love it and others view it an ugly blight on the landscape. The Pulaski Skyway with 1970s cars on a typically smoggy day. The Kearny Generation Station from 1925 was still in use and burning coal. Jersey City. Nov 1977
wavz13: End of the line. A fallow wilderness thrives where the Central Railroad of New Jersey yards once existed. The World Trade Center and the Lower Manhattan skyline as seen from a battered watchman's shack. Jersey City. July 1977.
wavz13: OK, car guys. Here were have a Kodachrome shot of a junkyard on the banks of the Morris Canal in Jersey City, taken in May 1974. How many of these squashed vintage beauties can YOU identify?
wavz13: "Take the next train to Clarksville"... well, not quite. Graffiti covered abandoned NYC subways come to their final resting place in Black Tom before Liberty State Park was built. Jersey City. March 1979
wavz13: An abandoned pier hovers over the Hudson River near the New Jersey Central Railroad terminal in Jersey City. The Liberty State Park walkway is here today. This mass of twisted steel was so large, you could see it from the World Trade Center. Nov 1978
wavz13: Going nowhere fast. Remnants of the Central Railroad of New Jersey tracks being overtaken by hardy reeds and other plants. A crane graveyard and the skyline of Lower Manhattan loom in the background. Jersey City. March 1976.
wavz13: Welcome to the good old days. The World Trade Center hovers over a forest of rotting 19th century railroad piers at Exchange Place. Feels like doomsday. Jersey City. March 1977.
wavz13: Welcome to Lower Manhattan, 1856 style! Before photography, cities would hire artists to draw to-scale representations. This is a crop of a much larger image. On the bottom, it states "Sketched and Drawn on Stone by C. Parsons.
wavz13: Wild sunflowers and a single cricket loom over the World Trade Center and the Lower Manhattan Skyline across the Hudson River. Taken from Liberty State park in Jersey City. June 2020
wavz13: The other day, my girlfriend and I strolled across the George Washington Bridge on its pedestrian walkway to have dinner at a Columbian restaurant on 184th Street. During the walk back to her home, I snapped this shot at rush hour. New York. Sept 2020
wavz13: More fun at Liberty State Park! Well, sort of. Taken from the Statue of Liberty, the view shows the abandoned Central Railroad of New Jersey yards. Scrap barges and old factories lined the shoreline where the walkway exists now. Jersey City. March 1977
wavz13: Today is "9-11". On September 11, 2001, an act of Islamic terrorism brought down the World Trade Center and killed over 3,000 innocent people. I prefer to remember the Twin Towers like this... on its way up, but still not completed. New York. 1972
wavz13: Hot summer day with lots of colorful 1960s and 1970s cars parked at the Surf Club lot. You could tell it was a hot day by the overflow parking on the right. The old abandoned 1890s Sauter Hotel hovers across Merwin Avenue. Milford, Connecticut. July 1974.
wavz13: That's it, kids. School is out for the summer! Yahoo! Early teens in 1970s clothes scurry to catch the school bus back home on the last day of 7th grade. June 1971.
wavz13: A storm between Connecticut and Long Island slowly floats in from west to east. I was riding my bike along the Long Island Sound shoreline in Woodmont and saw this view. The wind was blowing and the air was electric. Milford, CT. March 18 1973
wavz13: Sex on the beach! I could have sworn I heard a little orgasm from the female as the male fertilized her eggs. Two horseshoe crabs getting it ON! Milford Connecticut. Aug. 2010.
wavz13: You knew it was a really hot summer day when the Surf Club parking lot was full and people began parking on Rock Street, like this yellow Pontiac. Before all the condos and townhomes, this is how summer looked from our back yard. Aug 1973. Milford CT.
wavz13: 1970s cars zoom along the ever beautiful Connecticut Turnpike looking west to the power plant which was demolished in 1996. The original concrete pavement slabs are still in use. Bridgeport Connecticut. July 1974
wavz13: Before all the townhouses, condos and the leveling of Platt's Hill in the background to build houses, this is what my street looked like in the early evening. Dad's 1965 Pontiac is parked. Rock Street. Milford, Connecticut. Aug 1973
wavz13: A horrible incident at a lobster-bake party and YOU are there to witness it! Apparently, the crustacean wasn't quite ready to be cooked and let my friend know about it. That's an old girlfriend of mine on the left. She was cute! Milford, CT. August 1988
wavz13: Will the REAL Pete Levy please stand up! Remember the "To Tell The Truth" TV show where 3 contestants claimed to be the same person. I took a photo of Pete, had two copies made and glued them to a cardboard backing to create masks for a Halloween party.