MikeJDavis: Spodden Torrent
MikeJDavis: By the lake's edge (Oeuvre by Gavin Turk)
MikeJDavis: Close inspection [Oeuvre by Gavin Turk]
MikeJDavis: Henry Moore at YSP
MikeJDavis: Genius reflecting Genius
MikeJDavis: Niki de Saint Phalle - Buddha 2000
MikeJDavis: A Needle Woman; Galaxy was a memory, Earth is a souvenir 2014
MikeJDavis: Hepworth "Squares with two circles" 1963
MikeJDavis: Primo Piano III by David Smith 1962
MikeJDavis: Gazing Ball by Lucy & Jorge Orta (2)
MikeJDavis: Skyfall?
MikeJDavis: Gazing Ball by Lucy + Jorge Orta
MikeJDavis: Sean Scully - Crate of Air - 2018
MikeJDavis: David Smith: Cubi XIX 1964
MikeJDavis: Damian Hirst - Virgin Mother
MikeJDavis: Damian Hirst - The Virgin Mother
MikeJDavis: More waterfall
MikeJDavis: In the mood
MikeJDavis: Pennine tree
MikeJDavis: The woods in Winter
MikeJDavis: Autumn rains in the Spodden Valley
MikeJDavis: The Falkirk Wheel detail
MikeJDavis: Catching the Crab
MikeJDavis: Close encounter
MikeJDavis: Small Tortoiseshell
MikeJDavis: Hatching time = 3days
MikeJDavis: Dead fly: focus stacked in Camera
MikeJDavis: Manchester - Peterloo massacre - 200 years & not forgotten
MikeJDavis: Harvesters 2019: Charles Whitehead
MikeJDavis: Harvesters: Tom Aston