watbled05: Lodging in Vallouise
watbled05: Chalet in winter
watbled05: The white apple trees
watbled05: On tracks
watbled05: Morning walk
watbled05: Bonne année 2022
watbled05: Golden season
watbled05: The way to November in Ecrins
watbled05: The chapel of the little hamlet of Ayes (in Ecrins)
watbled05: The light of the Ecrins
watbled05: Flaming larches
watbled05: Chapel and the Meije in the background
watbled05: The legendary Oisans chain
watbled05: Autumn pallet
watbled05: La Meije dans son écrin automnal
watbled05: Ripple of light Cap blanc nez - cote d'opale
watbled05: Isolated facing the sea
watbled05: Melody by the water
watbled05: Contemplation
watbled05: Between sky and water_
watbled05: back to the port
watbled05: To visit the bay of seals
watbled05: Halage dominical
watbled05: Pleine mer
watbled05: Ambiance baie de Somme
watbled05: Vue sur la baie
watbled05: Vue sur la baie de Somme
watbled05: skateboard park
watbled05: free skate
watbled05: Hello