walneywave: North Vancouver District, BC Engine 1
walneywave: North Vancouver District, BC Fire Station No. 1
walneywave: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, North Vancouver, BC Community Policing Unit NV3914
walneywave: The setting sun through the trees
walneywave: Gracie fishing for wood
walneywave: Gracie watching passersby
walneywave: Gracie in a sunny spot
walneywave: Golden light over creek and woods
walneywave: A jumble of wood
walneywave: The forest in dimming light
walneywave: A hollow tree stump in golden light
walneywave: The creek in full flow
walneywave: A colourful rock in the woods
walneywave: The view upstream
walneywave: The forest in afternoon sun
walneywave: Gracie perched on a tree stump
walneywave: Ducks in the duck pond
walneywave: We are in this together
walneywave: Found in a tree stump
walneywave: Gracie on her way back home
walneywave: Gracie looking towards the river
walneywave: Gracie posing with a stick
walneywave: Gracie holding a stick in her mouth
walneywave: Gracie chewing on a stick
walneywave: Gracie looking at me
walneywave: The trail ahead
walneywave: Giants in the sky
walneywave: The mighty Capilano River
walneywave: The forest in late afternoon sun
walneywave: Gracie closely watching some passersby