vmi63: Fishermen on Wye Community Lake
vmi63: Kayak Fishing
vmi63: The Spillway at Wye Community Lake
vmi63: Sweetgum Leaves in Autumn
vmi63: Fresh Water Wetlands
vmi63: Doorway to the Bird Blind
vmi63: Home of Captain John Jefferson ca. 1877
vmi63: Wetlands at Pickering Creek
vmi63: Turkey Vultures Roosting
vmi63: Along the Pond Loop Trail
vmi63: Whitetail Doe Acting Coy
vmi63: During World War II, 155 mm Howitzers at Fort Miles were used primarily as anti-ship weapons
vmi63: Mute Swans Surrounded by a Flotilla of Coots
vmi63: Shearness Pond on an Autumn Afternoon
vmi63: Great Blue Heron
vmi63: American Avocet
vmi63: Great Egret
vmi63: 8 inch gun
vmi63: Hiking Along the Beach to the Point
vmi63: Cape Henlopen Breakwater Lighthouse
vmi63: With the 16” gun from the Battleship Missouri
vmi63: 90 mm Antiaircraft Gun Model M2
vmi63: Sand Dunes at The Point
vmi63: Dusk on Hickory Ridge
vmi63: Lewes-Cape May Ferry Leaving the Breakwater
vmi63: 16" Gun at Fort Miles
vmi63: The Bridge Over the Canal Dominates the City
vmi63: Turkeytail Tree Fungus and Lichens
vmi63: US Army Corps of Engineers Vessel Passing Under the Chesapeake City Bridge
vmi63: The Old Choptank Bridge at Cambridge