vkphoto: Early morning
vkphoto: Last colours in the garden
vkphoto: Cottage. Weathered aluminum boat
vkphoto: Vacation Snapshot, Cuba 2016
vkphoto: Anticipation of spring
vkphoto: Abstract textures. Cozumel 2016.
vkphoto: Sunset. Cozumel 2016
vkphoto: Summer sunset
vkphoto: Last leaf
vkphoto: Garden Time
vkphoto: First greens.
vkphoto: Vacation snapshot II, Aruba 2015
vkphoto: Vacation snapshot I, Aruba 2015
vkphoto: Lonely Bench
vkphoto: old retaining wall
vkphoto: another one from the Eaton Hall
vkphoto: Morning at the Eaton Hall
vkphoto: Autumn in B&W
vkphoto: Leaves Turning Green to Red
vkphoto: Autumn colours
vkphoto: first sun rays
vkphoto: Morning light in autumn grove
vkphoto: Glamor Lake, Ontario
vkphoto: End of season
vkphoto: Reflection
vkphoto: First colours
vkphoto: The Water Lily (and the damselfly)
vkphoto: Happy 40th Anniversary, 500 C/M!
vkphoto: ***
vkphoto: Thistle