ViewFromTheStreet: Groovy Post Life
ViewFromTheStreet: Couple in a Taxi Cab
ViewFromTheStreet: Rolling Fields Of Grain
ViewFromTheStreet: Thank you for wearing a mask!!!
ViewFromTheStreet: So Simple - So Beautiful
ViewFromTheStreet: The Creek is Shallow and Clear
ViewFromTheStreet: Outside Seat Pattern At Sheetz
ViewFromTheStreet: Farm House and Business
ViewFromTheStreet: Using Parking Lot To Social Distance Customers
ViewFromTheStreet: Cig and Ear Piece
ViewFromTheStreet: Alien Moonlight Mask
ViewFromTheStreet: Old City Street Portrait
ViewFromTheStreet: Lucky Buddha Enlightened Beer
ViewFromTheStreet: Backwoods Mask
ViewFromTheStreet: Special Specials Specials
ViewFromTheStreet: Yellow in Green
ViewFromTheStreet: Stone Home and Blue
ViewFromTheStreet: Head Growing Out Of Shoulder
ViewFromTheStreet: Licking Lips
ViewFromTheStreet: Obligatory Photo of The San Remo
ViewFromTheStreet: Cambria Barbers
ViewFromTheStreet: Queueing For A Philly Cheesesteak - The Before Times
ViewFromTheStreet: Bandana Mask
ViewFromTheStreet: Stop Wash And Go
ViewFromTheStreet: Try a Big Ginger - The Before Times
ViewFromTheStreet: Wear A Mask - Just Do It - Nike
ViewFromTheStreet: Outside Table Pattern At Sheetz
ViewFromTheStreet: Reformation Lutheran Church
ViewFromTheStreet: Is Street Photography in Reading different from a big city?