Stelleconfuse: Spain - Vidalooka
puto dare: combito veraniego
KOMAР: Try to see the parking time cop.
KOMAР: Dangerous coastal pleases.
Stelleconfuse: Roma (Italy) Plant-a-Tree 109
KOMAР: great place.
KOMAР: new box, new bomb.
2efs STICK AROUND!!! expo: Vidalooka from Spain
KOMAР: grand renovation.
haevi...Creature Ink: a new poster design for VidaLooka "stick of it all...vol.5"
PSYCO ZRCS 10/12: Cardboard
KOMAР: wrinkled pipe was a great place for us.
Julia d** P** K****: Die Wurst
$?äM: Sticker Combo
PSYCO ZRCS 10/12: São Paulo (Street Art Without Borders Project)
PSYCO ZRCS 10/12: Uncut vinyl sticker sheets (A4)
PSYCO ZRCS 10/12: Collab with Nerd - vinyls
PSYCO ZRCS 10/12: NYC - Upper West Side
Detailone AFS-UTS: Stickerpack from Blood and Titti - ISCE - Spain
Detailone AFS-UTS: 1940 Dodge D14 Business Coupe
KOMAР: awaited board.
KOMAР: subway entrance.
KOMAР: triple blow.