kevinspencer: Cold
kevinspencer: Remembered How To Tie My Shoes
kevinspencer: Together We
kevinspencer: In On The Outside
kevinspencer: All She Ever Wanted
kevinspencer: No More Words
kevinspencer: 8:11
kevinspencer: Time Stand Still
kevinspencer: Then She Vanished In Thin Air
kevinspencer: She Wouldn’t Change
kevinspencer: The Look
kevinspencer: Got To See Things Through
kevinspencer: Passing You By
kevinspencer: For Our Salvation
kevinspencer: The Cake Was A Lie
kevinspencer: Cold And Distant
kevinspencer: Don’t Lose Your Head
kevinspencer: Nights
kevinspencer: Going Down
kevinspencer: Pretending She Won’t Miss Me
kevinspencer: Turns Out We Live Forever
kevinspencer: And What You Lost
kevinspencer: Grace
kevinspencer: It Wasn't What I Thought
kevinspencer: Every Day She Looked For Him
kevinspencer: Hats Please Ladies
kevinspencer: What She Saw On The Other Side
kevinspencer: She Sees Too Much
kevinspencer: My Eye On You