june18bug: Uthgerd giving lessons to Nori
june18bug: Uthgerd demontrating how to properly lay in the front window
june18bug: Just Kick Back and Relax
june18bug: Is there any left for me?
june18bug: I think I can get some
june18bug: Oh yes, tastes pretty good!
june18bug: Who texted and disrupted our quiet time?
june18bug: Terence the Tortoise
june18bug: Wheatley and Terence
june18bug: Nori and Terence
june18bug: Uthgerd and Terence
june18bug: Uthgerd on Uthgerd
june18bug: Christmas Fun 2019 Uthgerd
june18bug: Christmas Fun 2019 Wheatley
june18bug: Christmas Fun 2019 Nori
june18bug: Christmas Fun 2019 The End
june18bug: Uthgerd guarding the packages
june18bug: Wheatley listening to the sounds of Christmas
june18bug: Uthgerd trying to relax
june18bug: Nori all tuckered out
june18bug: Uthgerd 2019
june18bug: Uthgerd waiting for attention on Cyber Monday
june18bug: Uthgerd taking control on Cyber Monday
june18bug: Sunshine makes you happy
june18bug: A warm place to lay your head makes you happy
june18bug: Front of House ready for Santa
june18bug: House is ready for Santa
june18bug: Uthgerd, my velcro cat
june18bug: Uthgerd, velcro cat 2
june18bug: Uthgerd, velcro cat 3