W-chlaus: Hausen AG, Switzerland
W-chlaus: Mika the Boss
W-chlaus: Katharinenpalast / Большой Екатерининский дворец
W-chlaus: RSD-10 / SS-20 / Saber
hiscinnamongirl: Die Perlen der Natur
W-chlaus: My little bastard (Porsche, James Dean)
Piotr Organa: Merry Christmas, says Winter!
bahnli: Schöner Grashopper
W-chlaus: Feeding blackbirds
Parag Giri: Green Shield bug
ptg1975: What are you looking at? :-P
cengizdehmen (turned back): 3 Silahşörler / 3 musketeers
Imapix: Le «regard»!
Xindaan: Maus, the cat (1993-Jan 7th, 2011) - Rest in Peace
Christine Lebrasseur: Laisse-moi plonger dans tes beaux yeux, mêlés de métal et d'agate
moonbuggs: lovely lacey
Tony Fischer Photography: 9/11 Lights from the Brooklyn Bridge
Piotr Organa: Roxie (6)
Shepherd & his Hot Dogs: Brunni (Engelberg) 113
Shepherd & his Hot Dogs: October 30, 2008 119
C. L.: Raven du Château Royal
[andreea]: Tabby Girl, back from visiting the ducks :-)
brynmeillion - JAN: EVERYTHING IS HUNKY DOREY??**!!!!!**??
HW.Wang: Unique White