tedesco57: Amphitheatre at Xanthos, destroyed by earthquakes and sieges
Dorset Coast & Country - photography and gifts: Nelson's Loke, Great Ellingham
patstebbings59: Pin Mill River Orwell at Low Tide
images@twiston: Kilchurn at golden hour
Dan@propeakphotography: Autumn Sunset at Devils Tower [Explore]
IanPilkingtonUK: Rydal Water Boat House in Autumn Colours
William Glasgow Howe: Dingle. 4th May 1969
steve3312: Loch 17
Victòria-s: A veces.......*
Dan@propeakphotography: Reflections on History
humanesocietyoftheunitedstates: Wyler Award winner Ian Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries" with HSUS Hollywood Outreach staffers Yvonne Bennett and Sue Blackmore
humanesocietyoftheunitedstates: HSUS Hollywood office's Jen Tait and Sue Blackmore