uofmtiger: Say cheeeeeze!
uofmtiger: Hippo Eye
uofmtiger: Ready to Fly
uofmtiger: Allie girl
uofmtiger: Maurice and his beautiful eyes
uofmtiger: Hoola Hoopin
uofmtiger: Obi face
uofmtiger: BW Iwona with Birds
uofmtiger: Lolita on the fence
uofmtiger: Hanging with the birdies
uofmtiger: Talking to the birdies
uofmtiger: Memphis Recording
uofmtiger: Sun in black and white
uofmtiger: THE microphone!
uofmtiger: Sun Studios
uofmtiger: Black and White Kitty
uofmtiger: Cat eyes
uofmtiger: The Stately Obi
uofmtiger: My gal by the Memphis Bridge.
uofmtiger: Lolita is home
uofmtiger: What I have to put up with!
uofmtiger: pup chase
uofmtiger: Green-eyed cat looking at camera
uofmtiger: Allie in a field
uofmtiger: Happy 100th Birthday
uofmtiger: Flying Pup!
uofmtiger: 2 ways
uofmtiger: obi at the park