ulanalee: Como peaks in winter
ulanalee: digging out a truck
ulanalee: peak of Como Peaks
ulanalee: enjoying the view
ulanalee: Little California
ulanalee: cabin remainents
ulanalee: a little sunshine
ulanalee: fresh snow
ulanalee: Grayling Lake
ulanalee: looking for mountain goats
ulanalee: Lion Lake
ulanalee: Lion Lake
ulanalee: blue
ulanalee: East Fork Reservoir
ulanalee: got the stick
ulanalee: Molly at the lake
ulanalee: Lost Meadow trail
ulanalee: cooling off
ulanalee: introducing Molly
ulanalee: coming down from Odell
ulanalee: dogs frolicking
ulanalee: Vipond Park
ulanalee: ghost shack
ulanalee: Agnes Lake
ulanalee: steep trail
ulanalee: Browns Lake Dam
ulanalee: Buddhas
ulanalee: winter sky
ulanalee: overlooking Butte
ulanalee: mile high, mile deep