tuvidaloca: The Fly in the Woods
tuvidaloca: Hoverfly with lily by Noflexar 35mm (study)
tuvidaloca: „The Humming Unicorn“ 😎
tuvidaloca: inside
tuvidaloca: „120-60-90“ 😎
tuvidaloca: Space is on the smallest bloom... 😎
tuvidaloca: Pisaura mirabilis by Noflexar
tuvidaloca: Harvesting the Eupatorium
tuvidaloca: Thoroughworts in thunderstorm mood with honey bee (study)
tuvidaloca: I'm not going to pose for a jerk like you!
tuvidaloca: „kick-ass“ Noflexar® ƒ3.5/35mm :-)
tuvidaloca: The „UFO“ spotted in my kitchen :-)
tuvidaloca: „spring fever“
tuvidaloca: „Carnival“ (study)
tuvidaloca: orchid (study)
tuvidaloca: My „buds buddies bokeh”
tuvidaloca: © by Nature
tuvidaloca: effrontery...! At least three weeks to early---
tuvidaloca: Helleborus x ballardiae (2 of 2)
tuvidaloca: Helleborus x ballardiae (1 of 2)
tuvidaloca: Viburnum tinus
tuvidaloca: Helleborus „Cheryl's Shine“ (study)
tuvidaloca: blooming moss
tuvidaloca: the editor in chief ;-)
tuvidaloca: 10 sec
tuvidaloca: The most tempting bubbles (bokeh study)
tuvidaloca: The bearded Mufti with turban 😂
tuvidaloca: Day seven, in search of light
tuvidaloca: »That's outrageous!« 31st of October, Halloween, guess who's sitting on my wall 😝
tuvidaloca: Otto Opitz ~ Kunstschmiede ~ Bonn a.Rh.