tuvidaloca: At the edge of the forest in April 2015 by Cyclop
tuvidaloca: „Boris“😎 (2)
tuvidaloca: „Boris“😋 (1)
tuvidaloca: A morning beauty on „World Poetry Day“
tuvidaloca: Scilla
tuvidaloca: „The Periscope“ 😝
tuvidaloca: Camellia grysii (sharpness study by Telexon 135)
tuvidaloca: Telexon 135 (bokeh study)
tuvidaloca: Mahonia (study)
tuvidaloca: „Chalice of God“
tuvidaloca: „The Promise“ 😎
tuvidaloca: Fail!
tuvidaloca: Crime Scene
tuvidaloca: Evening portrait of a peony (lens study)
tuvidaloca: Lysimachia nummularia (close-up study)
tuvidaloca: The „Yellow-Orange Bokeh-Dream“ (close-up study by Cassar 'S')
tuvidaloca: Clematis (close-up study by Cassar 'S')
tuvidaloca: „Glamour Rose“ (macro study)
tuvidaloca: »Head of Medusa« 😀
tuvidaloca: King's lily (Helios color study)
tuvidaloca: National Gumdrop Day, 2020/02/15 (excessive macro test, freehand)
tuvidaloca: ... as a result, this fly on my iMac® is looking for protection 😊 (macro study)
tuvidaloca: Low pressure area „Ela“ is approaching & ...
tuvidaloca: „Spring fever“ or »The yawning of the second from the front« 😋
tuvidaloca: »Fly, Robin, Fly!« (sharpness test, wide open, study)
tuvidaloca: Bokeh & color test (wide open, study)
tuvidaloca: Crepis blossom „The 1st“ 😊 (study)
tuvidaloca: Dry your eyes!
tuvidaloca: Brexit night, so sad! 😥
tuvidaloca: Don't fly me to the moon! 😎