tuvidaloca: The most tempting bubbles (bokeh study)
tuvidaloca: Colorplan CF 2.5/90mm macro study
tuvidaloca: making of ...
tuvidaloca: the leaf (Lens study by Colorplan 90mm)
tuvidaloca: fungal colony (HDR study)
tuvidaloca: Pisaura mirabilis by Noflexar
tuvidaloca: Harvesting the Eupatorium
tuvidaloca: Thoroughworts in thunderstorm mood with honey bee (study)
tuvidaloca: The Fly in the Woods
tuvidaloca: My brother in spirit: „The Golden Rat“ 😎
tuvidaloca: Marshland Albufera, the night before full moon (Alcúdia, November 2003)
tuvidaloca: Marshland Alcúdia (Albufera, 2003)
tuvidaloca: In the relentless limelight...
tuvidaloca: Pollen Bus
tuvidaloca: Pollen Taxi
tuvidaloca: ...and then there was this recklessness... 😎
tuvidaloca: Two horsetails, a bombastic butt and a pretty decent one too 😎
tuvidaloca: August 1st ... is „World Middle Finger Day“! 😜
tuvidaloca: »Breathe the forest!«
tuvidaloca: On a gloomy day in October ...
tuvidaloca: „The Punk“ riding a matchbox (DIY-made macro-flash study, 2 of 2)
tuvidaloca: „The Punk“ riding a matchbox (DIY-made macro-flash study, 1 of 2)
tuvidaloca: Protest! These damn peanuts are also getting smaller and measlier day by day (macro study)
tuvidaloca: I wonder if they're all swimming to the middle to pee 😝
tuvidaloca: Sex-obsessed mob on my tomato (1:1 macro-study)
tuvidaloca: Silybum marianum (study)
tuvidaloca: Hosta buds (macro study)
tuvidaloca: „Kilroy is watching you“
tuvidaloca: The Portrait
tuvidaloca: »wööööt wöööööööt!«