tuvidaloca: Plantago lanceolata (study, experimental)
tuvidaloca: Pink to purple, gals can tell 8-)
tuvidaloca: „The Scolding Teacher“ or „The Youth From Today“ ;-)
tuvidaloca: My Meyer-Görlitz Primagon 4.5/35mm discovers its first bee ;-)
tuvidaloca: It's all over on Ash Wednesday 😳 Am Aschermittwoch ist alles vorbei
tuvidaloca: Meyer-Görlitz Primagon 1:4.5/35mm @ f=4.5 (Zwischenring, Ext. tube) Olympus® E-M5
tuvidaloca: Bokeh & Sharpness, Judgement Day (must be seen fully enlarged)
tuvidaloca: Accelerating nature, in the 3rd gear ... ;-)
tuvidaloca: Hosta bud by Primagon ƒ4.5/35mm (study)
tuvidaloca: Hosta study, b&w
tuvidaloca: 9:05 p.m. ... in 20 minutes it'll be dark and too late! • bedtime study by Rata ;-)
tuvidaloca: My friendly Primagon yellows & greens bokeh dreaming
tuvidaloca: Vicia by Primagon (macro study)
tuvidaloca: „The Promise“ 😎