TrueVintage: They made boring Photos back then too
TrueVintage: The Queen
TrueVintage: Rocky Road
TrueVintage: On Top
TrueVintage: Waiting for the train (station)
TrueVintage: Mr. Nice Guy
TrueVintage: Doris can do it
TrueVintage: Battenberg
TrueVintage: Käses Rundfahrt
TrueVintage: Soldiers on Postcard
TrueVintage: A Day at the Lake
TrueVintage: Siblings on the Couch
TrueVintage: A little bit of yellow
TrueVintage: Just Walking
TrueVintage: Lunch in the Woods
TrueVintage: The Break (but one has moved)
TrueVintage: Martha & Rudolf
TrueVintage: Her best Side
TrueVintage: Paris '31
TrueVintage: Girls, Girls, Girls
TrueVintage: Day of the Goat
TrueVintage: How to peel the Tangerines
TrueVintage: Doris, the Amazon
TrueVintage: Straight Looks
TrueVintage: The Scientist
TrueVintage: Cute Sisters
TrueVintage: Old is Vintage
TrueVintage: Funny Friends
TrueVintage: The Car with the Hat