TravelsWithDan: 'Ecco Homo,' Culto do Senhor Santo Christo dos Milagres - Punta Delgado, Island of Sao Miguel, The Azores, Portugal
TravelsWithDan: 'Hi There!' - Tokyo, Japan
TravelsWithDan: Morning Shopper - Malaga, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Just like a normal conversation - Malaga, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Watching him Mop - Malaga, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Jane's Gone Home - Jane's Carousel, DUMBO, New York
TravelsWithDan: The Leader of the Pack - Luxor, Egypt
TravelsWithDan: Waterfront Homes - Manila, Philippines
TravelsWithDan: Windy Walk by the Sea - Alexandria, Egypt
TravelsWithDan: Masked Texting - Tokyo, Japan
TravelsWithDan: Shooting each other - Senso-Ji (Goddess of Mercy) Temple, Tokyo, Japan
TravelsWithDan: Desert Transportation, Old and New - Wadi Rum, Jordan
TravelsWithDan: Gulls & Fishermen - Essaouira, Morocco
TravelsWithDan: Cash Withdrawal - Barcelona, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Waste Removal - The Souk in the Fez Medina, Morocco
TravelsWithDan: Shooting me shooting her - Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Opening the Green Store - Lisbon, Portugal
TravelsWithDan: Late-Night Train - Lisbon, Portugal
TravelsWithDan: The challenges of driving a streetcar - Lisbon, Portugal
TravelsWithDan: Making a run for it through the raindrops - Krakow, Poland
TravelsWithDan: Goats in a Tree - Morocco
TravelsWithDan: Running through Symmetry - Copenhagan, Denmark
TravelsWithDan: Making Art is Messy Work - Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI
TravelsWithDan: Are you Ready for some Football?!
TravelsWithDan: Malfunctioning Umbrella - Maui, Hawaii
TravelsWithDan: Solemly watching fish getting cut - Public Market, Lisbon, Portugal
TravelsWithDan: Adults barter, Kids play - The Souk, Fez, Morocco
TravelsWithDan: Street at Night - Fez, Morocco
TravelsWithDan: Making cow skin into leather - Fez, Morocco
TravelsWithDan: Tired Shopper - Malaga, Spain