TravelsWithDan: Watermelon Twins - Stonetown, Zanzibar
TravelsWithDan: Working Construction - Stonetown, Zanzibar
TravelsWithDan: Mothers and Kids at the Beach - Stonetown, Zanzibar
TravelsWithDan: "A quart of milk and what else?" - Night store near Stonetown, Zanzibar
TravelsWithDan: In the Spice Market - Stonetown, Zanzibar
TravelsWithDan: Jumping for the horizon - Stonetown, Zanzibar
TravelsWithDan: I'll bet she'll like this selfie more than he does... - Cadiz, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Blissed Out by the Serangeti - Tanzania, Africa
TravelsWithDan: Surfing Family - Sebastian Inlet, FL
TravelsWithDan: Big Sisters are Fun to Play With - Cadiz, Spain
TravelsWithDan: Looking Out on All that Water... - B.C. Ferry
TravelsWithDan: Pushing the Leaning Tower with Puppy - Pisa, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Creative Dates #17: Draw Poop Emojis Together - Tokyo Rooftop Mural, Japan
TravelsWithDan: Color-Coordinated Dock Workers - Puntarenas, Costa Rica
TravelsWithDan: Shooting the Wedding - Lucca, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Her Wedding Day - Lucca, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Trying to relax on her break - Pisa, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Holding up the Leaning Tower, with friends - Pisa, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Kicking the Leaning Tower - Pisa, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Peddling home after work - Lucca, Italy
TravelsWithDan: And the smallest shall lead - Lucca, Italy
TravelsWithDan: Ah...(Insert Political Statement Here) - Luxor, Egypt
TravelsWithDan: As if Praying - Alexandria, Egypt
TravelsWithDan: Young boys at play - Dubrovnik, Croatia
TravelsWithDan: Restoration behind the screen - Dubovnik, Croatia
TravelsWithDan: "Dental" - Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC
TravelsWithDan: Off for a night on the town - Dublin, Ireland
TravelsWithDan: Stonehenge - Salisbury Plain, England
TravelsWithDan: Cruise Ship Conversation - Suez Canal, Egypt
TravelsWithDan: Gathered at the Fountain - Senso-Ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan