tracimatlock: Not erased, smudged. On the edges and in the middle too.
tracimatlock: Me, You, and Eye
tracimatlock: The one staircase across from the lighthouse in Port Isabel.
tracimatlock: pieces of the forest brought home
tracimatlock: that one afternoon at that one hidden beach
tracimatlock: Mouth as open window; window as open mouth
tracimatlock: Never Nothing
tracimatlock: but that horizon
tracimatlock: Tigre Mio
tracimatlock: Triangleless
tracimatlock: Llorando, Por supuesto.
tracimatlock: It is the sky that moves through you.
tracimatlock: After the oneness before the duality
tracimatlock: sun is the loneliest number number number number
tracimatlock: palm pilot
tracimatlock: the sky in the eye
tracimatlock: pinkie promise
tracimatlock: nowhere under the rainbow
tracimatlock: Self, unselfing.
tracimatlock: As above, so below.
tracimatlock: Nail. Palm. Spike. Tip.
tracimatlock: A stranger and a hula-hoop walk into a bar.
tracimatlock: The Ease.
tracimatlock: after after after Magritte
tracimatlock: Mirror to the World
tracimatlock: Big Bend(ing)
tracimatlock: The paint doesn't move the way the light reflects, /
tracimatlock: "You will know it by its seriousness.