TPStearns: Doors of New York City
TPStearns: Stack and Bridge
TPStearns: Tram tessellated
TPStearns: Sunrise, East River
TPStearns: Dark outsider
TPStearns: Union Station
TPStearns: Black shadows on Brooklyn brownstone
TPStearns: Stacked
TPStearns: Smokestacks near and far, NYC
TPStearns: Riding shotgun
TPStearns: NYC noir
TPStearns: The Gate
TPStearns: Lisbon
TPStearns: Ocotillo
TPStearns: Double cross
TPStearns: Cactus gate
TPStearns: Mission San Xavier del Bac, Tohono O’odham Nation
TPStearns: San Xavier del Bac Mission
TPStearns: San Xavier del Bac Mission
TPStearns: Keeping up
TPStearns: Manhattan through the Brooklyn Bridge
TPStearns: Translucent leaves
TPStearns: Rough corner
TPStearns: Birds vs bark
TPStearns: Rotors
TPStearns: The portal
TPStearns: Trunkation
TPStearns: Bright future
TPStearns: Front row
TPStearns: Four columns