zdm69: A spring impression
zdm69: The way to Hades
zdm69: The way to Hades
zdm69: The way to Hades
zdm69: heavy clouds ☁️
zdm69: Time passes and the sadness remains...
zdm69: magical autumn
zdm69: the music-train 🚆🎹
zdm69: rotten 🍏🍎🍏
zdm69: Alarm Clock of the 60s
zdm69: Why does beauty touch us? It hurts his loneliness, his unexpected coming, his imminent offense
zdm69: A H💛ppy Bunch of Mushrooms
zdm69: Icy cold prevails in the abandoned cemetery.The night has supplanted the day and the proud moonfloats like a silver ball in the starry sky.The scream of a crow breaks the silence of death.
zdm69: IGUANA
zdm69: H☀️ppy Deer-Baby😍
zdm69: feliz cumpleaños Maelia 🎉🎈🎶🎼💫
zdm69: feliz cumpleaños Carol🌼
zdm69: meerkat
zdm69: RedWhiteBlue
zdm69: Sunset 28.06.2019
zdm69: Moonbase Alpha I
zdm69: White.Wallflowers
zdm69: FairyCheiri
zdm69: Erysimim cheiri
zdm69: The seven bleeding💞hearts
zdm69: Iris Hybrids
zdm69: Closed gateway to heaven 🔒
zdm69: The ✝️ of missing U
zdm69: The Birds
zdm69: Ingelheim am Rhein 1