cntrysigns: Glad I don't have a hang over from all the sangria last night :)
nosillacast: Steve Allison Steve Stanger
Mark Pouley: Mac Roundtable
Mark Pouley: Steve Stanger
Mark Pouley: Hangout 2
nosillacast: Steve Stanger Mike Palmer & friends (Kirschen's photo)
Daulphin: Steve Stanger 2012-01-26 12-07-25
AMRosario: Red Hook Brooklyn Photo Walkers
shutterbugMike: Off We Go
RichHaig: 11032610615
shutterbugMike: Photo Walking
shutterbugMike: Ready, Aim...
TvAvMeV: Group Photo
AMRosario: BBGWWPW2010_Group.jpg
AMRosario: BBGWWPW2010_Group.jpg
scottwyden: Mack Photowalk Group 7-11-10
Bart R. Willems: The Gang (09396)
perkyjohn5: Photo Walk-0001
kathleenpimm: Flickrites At Liberty State Park