timon.tomasevic: Saturday Afternoon
timon.tomasevic: resting on top of the mountain
timon.tomasevic: Highest Peak
timon.tomasevic: Waving on Sea
timon.tomasevic: new york streets
timon.tomasevic: vinyls and turntable
timon.tomasevic: Beach Tree
timon.tomasevic: venice beach
timon.tomasevic: Stockholm
timon.tomasevic: Lake Bor
timon.tomasevic: Good Shoot
timon.tomasevic: Piran Harbour
timon.tomasevic: Barcelona, 9 PM. Coming home after walking all day. As we pass the streets, we stumble upon a plain, humble and visibly old shop. Merchandise is scattered across the walls and shelves. I see batteries, need that, two. A couple in their 80's run the shop a
timon.tomasevic: waterfalls
timon.tomasevic: rolling-stones-web
timon.tomasevic: moon-web
timon.tomasevic: RESISTERS
timon.tomasevic: First Homemade Burger