timmy64gadget: Sun versus the fog..
timmy64gadget: Can you see the face in the tree? #Sussex #England
timmy64gadget: The Boat Slip, Athy
timmy64gadget: Barrow Sunset
timmy64gadget: Carlow Castle
timmy64gadget: Athy sunset
timmy64gadget: Milkshakes.. #Athy #Kildare #Ireland
timmy64gadget: Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, East Sussex
timmy64gadget: The Barrow Way, #Athy #Kildare #Ireland
timmy64gadget: Sunset over RSPB Pulborough Brooks
timmy64gadget: Forest just off the South Downs Way near West Dean in Sussex
timmy64gadget: Winter in Athy..
timmy64gadget: Misty salt marshes at Pagham Harbour, West Sussex
timmy64gadget: Poulinass Waterfall, Glendalough
timmy64gadget: Just waiting for a gap in the weather so that I can go out hiking again ☔
timmy64gadget: The Barrow at sunset, Athy, Co Kildare
timmy64gadget: Beachy Head in Sussex, one of my favourite spots.. ☺️
timmy64gadget: Autumn or Fall, I love it all...
timmy64gadget: Richmond Park looking a bit like the plains of Africa
timmy64gadget: The girls stepping out in Bushy Park #London
timmy64gadget: Walking the South Downs near Arundel, Sussex
timmy64gadget: Thursley Common, Surrey
timmy64gadget: Sometimes you don't even need to step outside the front door to get a good shot.. #Athy #Kildare #Ireland 🇮🇪
timmy64gadget: Our resident Robin, Charlie.. ☺️
timmy64gadget: From the White Lodge through the long lens
timmy64gadget: Neighbours.. ☺️
timmy64gadget: The bench, Sussex...
timmy64gadget: The path to the Nightingale perch...
timmy64gadget: What are you doing with your weekend? #getupthehills #Sussex #SouthDowns #walking
timmy64gadget: Seaford from the cliff tops