Poupetta: Tel Aviv Marathon 2020 - Staying hydrated
Poupetta: Collecting hundreds and hundreds empty bottles
Poupetta: Tel Aviv Marathon 2020
Poupetta: Tel Aviv Marathon 2020
Poupetta: Rafi & his birds
Poupetta: Feline
Poupetta: Bright flowers
Poupetta: Skyscrapers seen from a moving train
Poupetta: Protected
Poupetta: Happy Fence
Poupetta: Drying out in the sun
Poupetta: In a perfect world we wouldn't need armies. National military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18, with some exceptions
Poupetta: The Market Place in Lod, Israel
Poupetta: When Corona was just a name for beer
Poupetta: Ulfat is the mother-in-law of Jelena
Poupetta: Or, Nagi & Michael
Poupetta: Friad
Poupetta: Friad making Druze pita bread
Poupetta: My birthday rose
Poupetta: "Ness Ziona, a city with the heart of a farming community".
Poupetta: The Indian Jewish Community Synagogue in Lod, Israel
Poupetta: Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George, Lod, Israel
Poupetta: A matter of faith
Poupetta: Rumanian pilgrims in Lod, Israel
Poupetta: Games of Throne
Poupetta: Look at me, I am beautiful, too !
Poupetta: Rooster
Poupetta: Spring is in the air
Poupetta: Remnants of the olive crushing mills in the Arches Building
Poupetta: Arches Building, Ancient Lod