Poupetta: Long, tall ... Sally
Poupetta: Hydrangeas
Poupetta: Tro Hopp Kärlek: Sculpture by Eva Lange
Poupetta: The girl in the red coat
Poupetta: Strawberries fill my heart with summer joy
Poupetta: Arja Kärkkäinen: I didn’t arrive, as in the train I became another
Poupetta: Ilkka Suppanen: Points of View
Poupetta: Falling leaves of an autumnal day
Poupetta: Autumnal tapestry
Poupetta: Chosen
Poupetta: Drunken gods and a box of colours
Poupetta: Don't leave your elders as fallen leaves
Poupetta: I'm waiting for you
Poupetta: Nocturnal wanderings
Poupetta: The Pyramid
Poupetta: "A Dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk." - O.A. Battista
Poupetta: Autumn dresses up in gold
Poupetta: The view behind Café Regatta
Poupetta: Café Regatta
Poupetta: Café Regatta
Poupetta: Is it time yet ?
Poupetta: Jone & Hanna
Poupetta: Make your own music
Poupetta: Sitting on park benches
Poupetta: There goes another summer
Poupetta: "The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that's not the aim of boats." Paulo Coelho
Poupetta: Heather harmony
Poupetta: Rowan beauty
Poupetta: Sibelius Monument, Helsinki
Poupetta: Autumnal, golden colours