thucydides5: The Negev
thucydides5: Horse Country
thucydides5: A Courtyard. Yale University
thucydides5: Thinking about winter
thucydides5: New York Street
thucydides5: Stormy Sunset on Assauteague island
thucydides5: The US WWII memorial at night glowing
thucydides5: Old Infrastructure, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
thucydides5: United States botanical gardens and the US Capitol
thucydides5: Ocean View
thucydides5: Golden Shadows
thucydides5: Lincoln
thucydides5: The Lincoln at night
thucydides5: Washington Monument and the Beautiful Moon
thucydides5: National Gallery in B&W
thucydides5: Shelves at the Peabody Library
thucydides5: Macy's in New York
thucydides5: Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum
thucydides5: Jerusalem Walls
thucydides5: Rotunda at Charlottesville in dusk
thucydides5: Yachts
thucydides5: The Green Earth
thucydides5: Impressionist Landscape at Cylburn Arboretum
thucydides5: Tiyul in Ein Gedi
thucydides5: Morning Jog near the Horse Farms
thucydides5: Artistic Glow
thucydides5: A Cold Washington DC Day
thucydides5: Fields
thucydides5: Autumn Shot
thucydides5: Cherry Blossoms on the White House lawn