thucydides5: Romantic Period Design
thucydides5: lights on the Virginia campus
thucydides5: Beautiful View of the Choptank River
thucydides5: still lagoon water on an autumn evening
thucydides5: Iin the Poconos: "drain the swamp"
thucydides5: hay bales in the Poconos
thucydides5: canal with cherry blossoms
thucydides5: oasis of marshland beaches (EXPLORE - 7/5/18)
thucydides5: Eastern Shore in the summer
thucydides5: Peaceful Sunset on the quayside
thucydides5: The Presidential Apartment
thucydides5: intermission - HDR
thucydides5: Tonight's moon
thucydides5: Horses in B&W
thucydides5: Dusk over Boston
thucydides5: Lush Green
thucydides5: Assateage Color Symphony
thucydides5: boston trees and spires
thucydides5: Beautiful autumn trees
thucydides5: harbor scene from the plane window
thucydides5: Interesting buildings
thucydides5: Illuminated landscape over Belgium
thucydides5: still lake
thucydides5: Architecture Selections, Boston Massachusetts
thucydides5: An Old Boston house
thucydides5: boston houses
thucydides5: Lake Reflection, Lusby, Maryland's eastern coast
thucydides5: Manassas Battle House
thucydides5: Smooth Sunset
thucydides5: Antique Bench, ca. 1860