thucydides5: Untitled. New York
thucydides5: Subway musicians at the subway. New York, Herald Square
thucydides5: The topiary garden by Philadelphia city hall
thucydides5: An Isthmus
thucydides5: A horse peers over the fence. Glyndon, MD
thucydides5: Pattern
thucydides5: Hiking Ein Gedi
thucydides5: Drama. Philadelphia PA
thucydides5: Inner harbor
thucydides5: Pittsburgh bridge
thucydides5: White House architecture
thucydides5: Far away Cumberland, Maryland
thucydides5: Sunset over the Chesapeake Bay
thucydides5: Clouds expression
thucydides5: Cell phone area
thucydides5: Lincoln memorial at night
thucydides5: Freezing in Schenley Park
thucydides5: 2019-01-20_04-53-16
thucydides5: Falling apart
thucydides5: 2019-01-20_08-19-13
thucydides5: Art. Columbia University
thucydides5: 2019-01-18_01-31-10
thucydides5: Pittsburgh skyline
thucydides5: Locust Walk
thucydides5: Lime Bikes in the snow. Inner harbor, Baltimore
thucydides5: Baltimore historic district in the snow
thucydides5: Urban stuff