thucydides5: Sunlight on wild plants
thucydides5: Eucalyptus trees. The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
thucydides5: Palm trees
thucydides5: Surfaces
thucydides5: Glow on trees and houses. Los Angeles
thucydides5: Path through the woodland
thucydides5: German half timbered style. Princeton, NJ
thucydides5: Cloud after rain
thucydides5: A Monday afternoon
thucydides5: Glass art. The four seasons hotel, Baltimore
thucydides5: Butterfly
thucydides5: Twilight
thucydides5: Bloomington Indiana. Forest Path
thucydides5: Longing
thucydides5: An alley in the Armenian Quarter. Old City, Jerusalem
thucydides5: Beaux Arts style
thucydides5: Paradise plant
thucydides5: Huge Pegs
thucydides5: Flower Turret. Brookline, Massachusetts
thucydides5: A zebra butterfly at Phipps
thucydides5: Georgian architecture
thucydides5: The peace sign
thucydides5: Zebra butterfly
thucydides5: Shapes
thucydides5: Fifth floor
thucydides5: The world is on their screens
thucydides5: Smooth
thucydides5: Cherry Blossoms
thucydides5: Reflection. Philadelphia