thucydides5: Edge and Color
thucydides5: Frozen as Ice
thucydides5: Sunset with Wild Horses
thucydides5: sleepy old red barn
thucydides5: Passages at the National Gallery
thucydides5: Relaxing in the Ruins
thucydides5: Pastoral Scene
thucydides5: beach horizon
thucydides5: Blue hour of Freezing
thucydides5: Fire in sunsets - Chincoteague island
thucydides5: Illuminated field - HDR
thucydides5: sunset over the ruins
thucydides5: Symphony Hall (Meyerhoff); Waiting
thucydides5: sculpture in freezing sun
thucydides5: HARSH °• BITTER •° COLD
thucydides5: Medieval Fortress Ruins
thucydides5: Maryland Spring
thucydides5: Desert Scene at early dusk
thucydides5: The Egyptian Sarcophagi - tonemapped
thucydides5: Sail On! USS Constellation at Sunset
thucydides5: CLIFFS - HDR & TONEMAPPED
thucydides5: Shadows at the Sea
thucydides5: Pastoral Scene
thucydides5: DESERT
thucydides5: cold cold cold
thucydides5: Mallards
thucydides5: "moses?"
thucydides5: Shadows
thucydides5: Still stillness