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thucydides5: 2018-04-22_05-29-39
thucydides5: Sherwood Gardens 4-22
thucydides5: sherwood gardens spring
thucydides5: White Elm
thucydides5: Mount Olives with the old City wall
thucydides5: artist quarters
thucydides5: euphoria
thucydides5: The red room, the white house
thucydides5: Cold morning at The White House
thucydides5: Soft Spring
thucydides5: David's Tower
thucydides5: Spring, finally
thucydides5: Hills near Ha-Shishim
thucydides5: Presidential View
thucydides5: Iconic cherry blossoms
thucydides5: cherry blossoms in Washington
thucydides5: beautiful saltwater fish
thucydides5: HDR harbor
thucydides5: No. 2 Dragon boats
thucydides5: dragon boats
thucydides5: HDR Figures on a Dune
thucydides5: 2288_polarr
thucydides5: lit Walls at night
thucydides5: pufferfish
thucydides5: Kotel Holiday HDR
thucydides5: à la Giverny
thucydides5: spring
thucydides5: Masada with stormcloud
thucydides5: Mid-Day Haze Jerusalem