thucydides5: 2018-12-16_10-01-24
thucydides5: Gardens
thucydides5: Pittsburgh. Shaded and Drawn.
thucydides5: Reflection in the Glass
thucydides5: Reflection
thucydides5: Frederick houses
thucydides5: Loch Ness Monster
thucydides5: Lights. Brookside Gardens, Silver Spring MD.
thucydides5: A Snake
thucydides5: Street View. Pittsburgh.
thucydides5: Antique. Boston, Massachusetts
thucydides5: Red Tulips on a background
thucydides5: The Magnolias in Bloom
thucydides5: Untitled
thucydides5: Old Timber. Fannetsburg, Pennsylvania
thucydides5: Designs and patterns. Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh
thucydides5: Old Things. Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
thucydides5: Soft Sunset over the Chesapeake Bay
thucydides5: Art Nouveau
thucydides5: Israel
thucydides5: Changing the Showtimes at The Senator Theater
thucydides5: Beautiful light and shadows
thucydides5: Walk of Air Force veterans
thucydides5: Bursts of Yellow
thucydides5: Enchanted Forest
thucydides5: Patterns in an Autumn forest .....
thucydides5: Autumn leaf patterns . Monkton, Maryland
thucydides5: an Autumn Dream .........
thucydides5: Autumn Foliage / NCR Trail / 11/4/18
thucydides5: Autumn Foliage / NCR Trail / 11/4/18