thoth1618: Tony Abeyta Navajo b. 1965 The Grand Canyon 2015
thoth1618: Petroglyph depicting mountain sheep Sand Tank Inyo County California AD 600-1300
thoth1618: Mural
thoth1618: Kay Walking Stick Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma b. 1935 New Mexico Desert 2011
thoth1618: Jaune Quick-to-see-Smith Salish-Cree-Shoshone b. 1940 Trade Canoe Adrift 2015
thoth1618: Gnosis Aec Interesni Kazki
thoth1618: Families for Safe Streets Rally (2)
thoth1618: Families for Safe Streets Rally (1)
thoth1618: Dine Basketry Bowl Arizon 1870-1900 Natural and dyed sumac , yucca
thoth1618: Dick West Southern Cheyenne 1912-1996 Untitled 1940-1960
thoth1618: Allan Houser Warm Springs Chrircahua Apache 1914-1994 Apache Night Dancer 1952
thoth1618: Woody Crumbo Potawatomi 1912-1989 Three Eagle Dancers ca. 1935
thoth1618: Long Room
thoth1618: Liberty or Death Flag
thoth1618: John Ambrose Statue at the Battery
thoth1618: Game
thoth1618: Fraunces Tavern
thoth1618: Fraunces Tavern Plaque
thoth1618: Entrance
thoth1618: Bowl
thoth1618: The Clinton DIning Room
thoth1618: Table
thoth1618: Musket
thoth1618: Sea Glass Carousel
thoth1618: Sea Glass Carousel II
thoth1618: Statue of Liberty
thoth1618: Autumn Leaves
thoth1618: Can you Face it
thoth1618: Delicate Balance