thoth1618: Hanging Umbrella
thoth1618: Smith Street
thoth1618: Handprints
thoth1618: Beekman Tower
thoth1618: Two II
thoth1618: Pizza Bar
thoth1618: No Parking Active Driveway
thoth1618: Golf Cart
thoth1618: Flower
thoth1618: Hydrangea (photo by j)
thoth1618: Hydrangea
thoth1618: Squash Blossom
thoth1618: Fire Call Box
thoth1618: Wooden Spoon and Whisk on a Fence
thoth1618: Flowers
thoth1618: Clinton Hill History
thoth1618: Red Admiral
thoth1618: 8 Minutes to Governors Island
thoth1618: Oysters Grow Here
thoth1618: American Flag
thoth1618: Ferry's Bow
thoth1618: Castle Williams
thoth1618: Statue of Liberty
thoth1618: Staten Island Ferry
thoth1618: Governors Island Gantries
thoth1618: Flowers
thoth1618: Dandelion Seedhead
thoth1618: Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges