nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Women's Fashion Style For All Holidays 2020
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Pedaling Along Essex Street Lower Eastside NYC (Nikon D7500 Sigma24.0mmLense f/1.8 ƒ/6.3 24.0mm 1/8000 ISO1600)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Candid of biking on bike path westside manhattan
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Candid of Woman Waiting For Bus On Grand Street LES
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): "Hanging Planter" on the LES "Hester Street"
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Passengers (Boy and Man)- candid entering bus and paying with metro card
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Autumn Foliage on Tree Top
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Imagination Playground South Street Seaport NYC "Colors of NYC"
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): "Colors of NYC" Geometric Shapes of Architecture in Brookfield Place NYC
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): "Pier 17" South Street Seaport-East River Waterfront
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Candid of girl jogging on the Lower Eastside NYC
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Winter Garden at Brookfield Place Interior With Palm Trees
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Beautiful Plants and Flowers in North Meadows-Brookfield Place Gardens
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Candid of Girl Running Along Waterfront Area in Brookfield Place - Battery Park City NYC
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Biking Fast Along 14th Street and 10th Avenue Manhattan - Colors of NYC (Nikon D7500 24.0mmSigmaLens f/1.8 ƒ/9.0 24.0mm 1/100 ISO125)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Ferry on East River Moving Along Manhattan Waterfront
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): "Colors of Autumn in Central Park"
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): "Falconer Statue" in Central Park Photo Taken Autumn 2020
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Window Colorful Abstract Art Multi-Exposure, In-Camera, Created by Nolan H. Rhodes
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): People Relaxing By Fountain Reflecting Pool Washington Square Park Greenwich Village NYC
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Panoramic View of Union Square Subway Station Structure and Overpass (Nikon D7500 24.0mmSigma2.8Lense f/1.8 ƒ/3.5 24.0mm 1/160 ISO1250)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Floral Pastel Abstract Multi-Exposure In-Camera Design of Texture and Colors in NYC (created by Nolan H. Rhodes)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Celebration in Union Square, NYC November 2020 (Nikon D7500 24.0mmSigmaLens f/1.8 ƒ/5.0 24.0mm 1/8000 ISO8000)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Moving Fast (Nikon D7500 24.0mmSigmaLense f/1.8 ƒ/7.1 24.0 mm 1/100 ISO160)
nrhodesphotos(the_eye_of_the_moment): Abstract Structure, Multi-Exposure, In-Camera, Created by Nolan H. Rhodes