tfinn123442: Stained glass window 1900 -1910
tfinn123442: mosaic and light
tfinn123442: look deeply to see the future....
tfinn123442: Only with great care was I able to sneak up on this beauty standing on a great stone
tfinn123442: Interesting lines and colors
tfinn123442: And what a beautiful exit it is.
tfinn123442: star gazing in a stairwell
tfinn123442: Yesterday, a sign in a Minneapolis door.....
tfinn123442: stained glass window portrait with sunight coming through.
tfinn123442: Faded glory
tfinn123442: Still life.
tfinn123442: Stained glass window Circa 1904 - 1914
tfinn123442: Symmetrical stained glass window circa 1907 - 1914
tfinn123442: A second look-a little brighter than the last.
tfinn123442: Lights in a hallway, Minnesota State Capitol building.
tfinn123442: Mr. cardinal on a dark, cold and windy day.
tfinn123442: Stained glass window-- early 1900s
tfinn123442: Early warning.
tfinn123442: Ducks & Swans in December
tfinn123442: A hanging watchamacallit
tfinn123442: Swan in 29 degree water.......
tfinn123442: A window
tfinn123442: built in camoflauge
tfinn123442: Cruising at 29 degrees F.
tfinn123442: Stained glass window -- colors
tfinn123442: A view, although slanted, from the 31st floor of the Foshay Tower, Minneapolis.
tfinn123442: symmetry
tfinn123442: Rust never sleeps
tfinn123442: Delicate lines--a view from the 31st floor, Foshay Tower, Minneapolis
tfinn123442: Let it snow.....