teragam: "Some of my Favorite Things"
teragam: _MG_4781.jpg
teragam: _MG_4780.jpg
teragam: Washington State University Administration Building
teragam: Elson S Floyd Cultural Center at Washington State University
teragam: Ready to Head Home
teragam: Maui Aquarium
teragam: Maui Aquarium
teragam: Whale
teragam: Moma and Baby Whales
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teragam: Last Night Sunset--Awesome
teragam: Last Night Sunset-Through the Palm Trees
teragam: Last Night Sunset
teragam: Waiting for the Sunset
teragam: Rain and Wind
teragam: Hawaii--The Rainbow State
teragam: A Sand Boatat Big Beach, Maui
teragam: _MG_4447.jpg
teragam: Foot Prints on Big Beach
teragam: Big Beach, Maui
teragam: Dennis Heads to Big Beach, Maui
teragam: Black Rock Beach, Maui
teragam: Never Enough Sunsets, Maui
teragam: Ready to Drop, Maui
teragam: Hawaiian Beauty
teragam: Beach Time
teragam: At DT Fleming Park,Maui
teragam: _MG_4255-Edit.jpg
teragam: The More Sunsets----the Better