tedwill48170: Bridge
tedwill48170: Rocky Waves
tedwill48170: Sunset at Inland Tide Pool
tedwill48170: Reid State Park Beach Golden Hour
tedwill48170: Trio of Trees
tedwill48170: River Leading to the Ocean
tedwill48170: River Inlet
tedwill48170: Bath at Night
tedwill48170: Illuminated Tree in Bath
tedwill48170: Shipyard in Bath
tedwill48170: Christmas Light
tedwill48170: Christmas Spotlight
tedwill48170: Townhall Moonlight
tedwill48170: Electric Snowflake
tedwill48170: Snowman
tedwill48170: Large Vase
tedwill48170: Face Art
tedwill48170: Clouds and Vase
tedwill48170: Sunrise
tedwill48170: Mist on the Water
tedwill48170: Sun Peeking Through
tedwill48170: Autumn Macro
tedwill48170: Freddy
tedwill48170: Maple Leaf
tedwill48170: Torrey Pines Spider
tedwill48170: Cactus at Torrey Pines