Ted_Roger_Karson: Monarch Caterpillar Feedng On A Milkweed Leaf 20200712_140923
Ted_Roger_Karson: July 05, 2020 Full Moon IMG_6739
Ted_Roger_Karson: July 4, 2020 Waxing Gibbous 99% of the Full Moon is Illuminated IMG_6731
Ted_Roger_Karson: July 3, 2020 Waxing Gibbous Illumination 96% IMG_6725
Ted_Roger_Karson: July 2, 2020 Waxing Gibbous Illumination 91% IMG_6715
Ted_Roger_Karson: June 28, 2020 First Quarter Illumination 52% IMG_6706
Ted_Roger_Karson: Waxing Crescent 40% of the Moon is Visible June 27, 2020 IMG_6698
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee In Flight Taken With A Samsung S10 Smartphone 20200623_144721
Ted_Roger_Karson: Small Hoverfly DSCF2923
Ted_Roger_Karson: Tiny Hover Fly DSCF2880
Ted_Roger_Karson: Jumping Spider Eyes DSCF2850
Ted_Roger_Karson: Jumping Spider DSCF2870
Ted_Roger_Karson: Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly SOOC 20200611_174554
Ted_Roger_Karson: My First Dragonfly Photo In 2020 IMG_4237
Ted_Roger_Karson: My First Leopard Frog Photo For 2020
Ted_Roger_Karson: June 1, 2020 Waxing Gibbous Illumination: 76% IMG_6681
Ted_Roger_Karson: May 31, 2020 Waxing Gibbous Illumination: 65% IMG_6679
Ted_Roger_Karson: May 30, 2020 First Quarter Illumination: 54% IMG_6665
Ted_Roger_Karson: May 29, 2020 Waxing Crescent Illumination 43% IMG_6658
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee Flying IMG_4120
Ted_Roger_Karson: White Face Hornet IMG_4092
Ted_Roger_Karson: Tiny Jumping Spider IMG_4079
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee Super Macro DSCF2795
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee Pollen Face DSCF2794
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee Super Macro SOOC DSCF2730
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee In Flight-Stop Motion IMG_4031
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee With Tongue Extended IMG_4023
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee Iin Flight IMG_3996
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee IMG_3983
Ted_Roger_Karson: The Last Full Supermoon of 2020, a 'Flower Moon' IMG_6637