tberard: Ford Falcon in the neighborhood
tberard: Store front - converted to Alcoholics Anonymous site
tberard: Monte Carlo posing outside the tavern
tberard: Quiet fishing spot at old coastguard station , Cleveland Ohio
tberard: Large ship doing backward three-point turn leaving Cleveland Ohio for Lake Erie
tberard: Chevy Bellair , Cleveland Ohio
tberard: Bicycle race , Wendy Island , Cleveland Ohio
tberard: Vintage rides Black in back
tberard: Store front - salon in mixed-use executive center
tberard: Residential Cleveland , view from the curb
tberard: Distressed housing stock
tberard: Store front - former fast food place
tberard: Store front - telephone services
tberard: Store front - foot care
tberard: Mushroom , northern Ohio USA
tberard: Mushrooms and millipede , northern Ohio USA
tberard: Siblings getting in position
tberard: Unhappy robin chick
tberard: Closeup of vintage Air Force plane
tberard: Barge and tugboat in Puget Sound , Washington State , viewed from the sky at dusk
tberard: Sunset over Mount Rainier seen from the sky
tberard: Frog , cuyahoga valley Ohio
tberard: Waterfall , cuyahoga valley Ohio
tberard: Boy on fallen tree in Cuyahoga Valley
tberard: Cutlass at the garage
tberard: Store front - former salon
tberard: Store front
tberard: Store front
tberard: Store fronts - law office and empty space
tberard: Store front - former grocery store