tataata: 🐱 emergency cat help! 🐱 and also ~ if we've ever met and you feel good about it ~ do celebrate my dad's birthday today! he is an amazing human ❤🍉❤ cheers!
tataata: dear dear morning sun may I take one ray of yours? (eng/rus)
tataata: witnessing and living through transient short-lived phenomena
tataata: with Lis / --R1-00876-0015
tataata: touching the light w/ Marina --R1-02047-0008
tataata: touching the light w/ Marina --R1-02047-0022
tataata: <3 May and Alla <3 / --P1400838-2
tataata: that day I was concerned
tataata: Li // --2018-08-praktica-lida-R1-02479-0017
tataata: twenty three months ago // --R1-02670-0037
tataata: two summers ago / 2018-06-photoautomat-03-1200-3
tataata: 11 months ago 3/3 / -P1390914
tataata: 11 months ago 2/3 / -P1390912
tataata: 11 months ago 1/3 / -P1390911
tataata: Lidos / --P1410812
tataata: changing colors of Lis / --P1400984-c3-01
tataata: --P1410293
tataata: --P1410285
tataata: |_\
tataata: Chili / --35-3664-5276
tataata: ∥∥ / --P1400616
tataata: ∿∿∿∿ / --P1400541
tataata: Babylon building // --P1400461--0
tataata: underwater walking on Potsdamer Platz
tataata: --P1400239 / fictional altars, one of many
tataata: details / 2019-06-praktica-ber-kzn-msk-R1-08073-0001
tataata: moon flash in Barcelona last March / --2019-02-03-mju-mrc-bcn-R1-06482-0024