Tania A.: Project Inside, Poetic Champions Compose on the Record Player
Tania A.: The Garden, Flowering Dogwood Overlay, Lilac Below
Tania A.: The Garden, Peony Bud
Tania A.: The Garden, Rain Drops on Garlic Chives
Tania A.: Project Inside, Christmas Cactus, Shadow Patterns
Tania A.: Ephemera, Miss Debra Kate Promotional Postcard
Tania A.: Ephemera, Postcard Bought at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, 2018
Tania A.: Ephemera, Partly Exposed Photograph Sent from Austin Texas, Kensington Market, 1995
Tania A.: Ephemera, Postcard Received from Prague, Revolver Revue, 1989
Tania A.: Ephemera, Postcard, Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, Mosh Pit
Tania A.: Ephemera, Old Magazine Photo, Chosen to Copy for a Grade 11 Painting Assignment, 1981
Tania A.: Ephemera, Postcard Bought in Honolulu, 2012, Map of Old Hawaii
Tania A.: Ephemera, Océan's Crisscrossing Night, 2008
Tania A.: Ephemera, Postcard Bought at the Sandspit Airport Gift Store in Haida Gwaii, 2018
Tania A.: Ephemera, Photo Received by Mail, Kilarney Provincial Park, OSA Lake
Tania A.: Received in the Mail
Tania A.: Painting on a Birthday Card, 2015
Tania A.: Project Inside, Blender, Tongs, Scissors, Asparagus Bits
Tania A.: The Garden, Lilac Bud Expanding
Tania A.: The Garden, New Pear Tree Leaves Opening
Tania A.: The Garden, Dogwood, Leaves and Buds
Tania A.: The Garden, Spirea, After the Rain
Tania A.: The Garden, Lilac Buds
Tania A.: Project Inside, Christmas Cactus Re-blooming in April
Tania A.: Project Inside, Murky Life, Glass of a Framed Photograph Reflecting my Kitchen
Tania A.: Project Inside, Blue Suitcase
Tania A.: The Garden, Rhubarb Pushing Upwards
Tania A.: The Garden, Spirea New Leaves
Tania A.: Project Inside, Steamy Window
Tania A.: Project Inside, Kitchen Shelf Things