hazza3d: Mister Grumpy!
DaveSPN: Dainty - HWW
vtpeacenik: Father Finch
dgarridosan: The Sun is coming one more day, Madrid, Spain
John from Brisbane: You will always be my sunshine!
WhiteEye2: Cubby Cuddles
Phil's Pixels: Winter Serenity
dgarridosan: Blazing sunrise over Madrid, Spain
hazza3d: Fair weather skies
DaveSPN: Staying Close
hazza3d: Dark delight
DaveSPN: Cool As ......... - HMM
Stephen Marcus: Neutral Bay, Sydney
mimbrava: I'm not fat, I'm very cold
PelicanPete: Strand Theatre - 1925
vtpeacenik: Glimmer
ehpien: Sunset
dgarridosan: Saturday´s fiery dawn over the airport, Madrid, Spain
WhiteEye2: Role Reversal
DaveSPN: Doing What Comes Naturally
DaveSPN: Zebbie
WhiteEye2: A female cardinal
PelicanPete: Circular Gazebo
hazza3d: Disappearing act!
DaveSPN: Hanging On
WhiteEye2: Tasty Greens
hazza3d: Stylish fur coat!
WhiteEye2: Learning from mom