Superali007: My Boy
Superali007: Orange on green
Superali007: Bluebell 2020 #2
Superali007: 2020 Bluebell
Superali007: Glistening
Superali007: Seen better days
Superali007: Golden Sky
Superali007: The last sunset of the decade
Superali007: Sunday afternoon stroll by Loch Ness
Superali007: Beinn Eighe
Superali007: Liathach, Beinn Eighe
Superali007: Orange on Red
Superali007: Garden in a bubble
Superali007: Bidein a' Choire Sheasgaich
Superali007: Fairy Glen falls
Superali007: Holding on
Superali007: Wind in the hair
Superali007: A trip to Disney Land
Superali007: Loch Glascarnoch, looking west
Superali007: We all need someone to hold tight
Superali007: Chocolate Cake
Superali007: A woodland View
Superali007: Glen Nevis
Superali007: second elf
Superali007: R.. my little elf
Superali007: R...make a funny face
Superali007: Ray, a drop of golden sun