stumppix: Local women's clothing store
stumppix: Side view of strip mall
stumppix: Railroad track abstract
stumppix: The back side of a strip mall
stumppix: Retro strip mall
stumppix: Rust on an old bridge
stumppix: Pieces of ice on a curved twig
stumppix: Color image of a snowy day
stumppix: Rail train sign
stumppix: Blurred car on local road
stumppix: The postman's footprints
stumppix: Truck and former railroad bridge
stumppix: Bridge railing
stumppix: Another view of painted underpass
stumppix: Pile of purple snow
stumppix: Infrared utility pole (explored)
stumppix: St Stephen's Episcopal Church
stumppix: Outskirts of small town
stumppix: Elsmere neighborhood
stumppix: Early snow on shrub
stumppix: Underpass graffiti
stumppix: Bricks in winter
stumppix: Column and support seen from below
stumppix: Closeup of reconstructed railway
stumppix: Railroad crossing sign and gate
stumppix: Forest view on a December afternoon
stumppix: Detail of excavator arm
stumppix: Open corner walls of barn
stumppix: Railroad equipment in rural area
stumppix: Abstract mural art