stumppix: Taking flight
stumppix: Railroad track with a twist
stumppix: A local gathering of women
stumppix: Three finches
stumppix: Painterly rendering of chipmunk
stumppix: Woodpecker's success at the birdfeeder
stumppix: Hopping blue jay
stumppix: Male house sparrow
stumppix: Flowers for sale at the farmers market
stumppix: American red squirrel at high speed
stumppix: Zucchini at the farmers market
stumppix: Pileated woodpecker looking to his left
stumppix: Tail curled over squirrel's back
stumppix: Woodpecker twisting his neck
stumppix: On Father's Day (3rd Sunday in June - USA)
stumppix: Brizzell Family Farm
stumppix: Two goldfinches (digital manipulation)
stumppix: Root vegetables and lettuce
stumppix: Line at the snacks tent
stumppix: Garden composition
stumppix: Climbing down a chain-link fence
stumppix: Blue jay profile
stumppix: Pileated woodpecker with beak wide open
stumppix: Young American red squirrel looking small
stumppix: Woodpecker perched on feeder
stumppix: A chipmunk investigating
stumppix: Blue jay taking flight
stumppix: Backs turned
stumppix: Mourning dove plumage
stumppix: Adult grackle delivering food to juvenile