stumppix: Double door on barn
stumppix: Nuremburg Tower
stumppix: Four Corners Luncheonette
stumppix: Details of a remnant track
stumppix: Weathered rivets
stumppix: Woodgrain body art
stumppix: Halloween tractor
stumppix: Mural encouragement
stumppix: Last of the harvest
stumppix: Good advice
stumppix: A tangle of fallen trees (plus two turtles)
stumppix: Portrait, rail trail mural
stumppix: Front porch details
stumppix: Forgotten mysteries
stumppix: Glass gems
stumppix: Walking through an outdoor market
stumppix: Peace skull
stumppix: Full boxes of hot green peppers
stumppix: Reeds along a pond's edge
stumppix: Underpass flowers
stumppix: Rusted metal pattern
stumppix: Post-and-rail fence
stumppix: Fallen tree reflections
stumppix: Dense fall foliage
stumppix: Pond spillway
stumppix: Another view of the bridge
stumppix: Reticulated color: glove over skin
stumppix: Visitors admiring a young heifer
stumppix: Large barn complex on century farm
stumppix: Road below the trees