stochasticmotions: Looking down
stochasticmotions: Grabbing a quick drink
stochasticmotions: Cute Little Stinker
stochasticmotions: With one Talon
stochasticmotions: Competition
stochasticmotions: When you gotta scratch...
stochasticmotions: That evening light under wing
stochasticmotions: Morning run
stochasticmotions: Take a look at my new lens
stochasticmotions: Out the back door
stochasticmotions: Up close and desaturated
stochasticmotions: Nothing but yellow
stochasticmotions: you still there?
stochasticmotions: Dead branches
stochasticmotions: Shots from the canoe
stochasticmotions: Cropping in
stochasticmotions: Getting back out of the water with a catch
stochasticmotions: Farm on foggy morning
stochasticmotions: Killdeer on the rocks
stochasticmotions: Evening light under the wing
stochasticmotions: Flat light, few shadows
stochasticmotions: Straight down the lens
stochasticmotions: Evening along the Buffalo waterfront
stochasticmotions: Walking along lakeshore
stochasticmotions: Catfish for Dinner
stochasticmotions: shake things up