Stoates-Findhorn: Lochy Light Pano
Stoates-Findhorn: Another Take on Rogie
Stoates-Findhorn: Return to Rogie
Stoates-Findhorn: Lighting up Arkle
Stoates-Findhorn: A Blue Sky at the Wailing Widow
Stoates-Findhorn: Colours and Clouds
Stoates-Findhorn: Back to the Boathouse
Stoates-Findhorn: It Took a Very Early Start and a Long Drive
Stoates-Findhorn: Twin Peaks
Stoates-Findhorn: A Different Type of Red Roofed Ruin
Stoates-Findhorn: Towards the Beach
Stoates-Findhorn: A Lighthouse and a Rather Nice Sky
Stoates-Findhorn: Early Light at Covesea
Stoates-Findhorn: Mountain Mirrored
Stoates-Findhorn: Thank's For Your Support
Stoates-Findhorn: Misty Falls
Stoates-Findhorn: On the Way Down
Stoates-Findhorn: Sunlight on Sgùrr na Lapaich
Stoates-Findhorn: Going Grey in Cannich
Stoates-Findhorn: Pre-dawn in a Misty Affric
Stoates-Findhorn: Summery Glow in the Autumn Woods
Stoates-Findhorn: Those 'Hidden' Falls
Stoates-Findhorn: Hiding in Plain Sight
Stoates-Findhorn: Radioactive at Ratagan
Stoates-Findhorn: On My Knees in Glen Shiel
Stoates-Findhorn: Bubbles and Streaks
Stoates-Findhorn: Under Duress on the Dundonnel
Stoates-Findhorn: Corrieshalloch Rays
Stoates-Findhorn: Rogie Glow
Stoates-Findhorn: Pooltown Sunrise and a Couple of Photo-Bombers