Stoates-Findhorn: Quick Return to Droma
Stoates-Findhorn: Re-appearing Too Late
Stoates-Findhorn: Through the Portal....
Stoates-Findhorn: Dawn Pinks at Droma
Stoates-Findhorn: Another Torridon Mountain
Stoates-Findhorn: 'Peaking' Through the Orange and Blue
Stoates-Findhorn: Chasing the Mist At Glascarnoch
Stoates-Findhorn: Autumn Comes to Torridon
Stoates-Findhorn: Moray Moorland
Stoates-Findhorn: Autumnal Backdrop
Stoates-Findhorn: First Signs of Winter
Stoates-Findhorn: Back on Home Soil
Stoates-Findhorn: Gran Canarian Pano
Stoates-Findhorn: Las Dunas
Stoates-Findhorn: Fianach Falls
Stoates-Findhorn: Reflection Perfection
Stoates-Findhorn: Big Tree, Tiny Tree
Stoates-Findhorn: Reflecting on Aliens
Stoates-Findhorn: Reflections and Light.
Stoates-Findhorn: Hints of Autumn
Stoates-Findhorn: Ethereal Trees (2)
Stoates-Findhorn: Ethereal Trees (1)
Stoates-Findhorn: Pre-Dawn at Affric
Stoates-Findhorn: Island Reflections
Stoates-Findhorn: Looks Kind Of Handy
Stoates-Findhorn: The Image that Nearly Wasn't
Stoates-Findhorn: Back On Familiar Ground
Stoates-Findhorn: On the Descent
Stoates-Findhorn: West from the Spinc Trail
Stoates-Findhorn: Emerald Green from the Emerald Isle