stevebfotos: Nature's diamonds glistening on lupins
stevebfotos: Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron
stevebfotos: Nature's Pearl Necklace
stevebfotos: Pleurotus ostreatus aka Oyster Mushroom
stevebfotos: Rain Soaked Bald Cypress
stevebfotos: Cicada
stevebfotos: The Business End of a Cicada
stevebfotos: The Miracle of Flight....
stevebfotos: Cape Henlopen State Park Fishing Pier aka "Army Dock"
stevebfotos: Lone Piling Stands Strong Against the Current of the Broadkill River
stevebfotos: Rusty rails converge on the horizon (in explore 20200909 #306)
stevebfotos: Hopefully something we will soon see only in pictures
stevebfotos: 2020, a year to remember ....
stevebfotos: Mask Is The New Norm....
stevebfotos: Delaware Roadside Messaging Board Starting Memorial Day 2020
stevebfotos: Delaware Roadside Message Board in March, April, and May 2002
stevebfotos: Black Swallowtail Butterfly Collecting Nectar
stevebfotos: Monarch Butterfly Collecting Nectar
stevebfotos: Remnants of Hurricane Laura Pass Through Lower Delaware
stevebfotos: Fiddlehead - New Growth from a Fern
stevebfotos: Fiddlehead on a Fern
stevebfotos: It's All About the Claw! - Atlantic Marsh Fiddler Crab
stevebfotos: Midday Thunderstorms Moving Through (In Explore 20200821 #189)
stevebfotos: New Moon Over the Atlantic
stevebfotos: Lunch break...
stevebfotos: Doing what a dog loves to do....
stevebfotos: Beirut's Port Before the Explosion
stevebfotos: Thunderhead at Sunset (in Explore 20200803 #189)
stevebfotos: Reflections.....
stevebfotos: A Frog's World of Green and Slime