..Photography LVA..: Over a year now since we did the pre-wedding shoot. Fingers crossed not long now
..Photography LVA..: Stornoway Harbour
..Photography LVA..: Newmillerdam Stream
..Photography LVA..: Bradford Wedding
..Photography LVA..: Ossett Canal
..Photography LVA..: Ossett Canal
..Photography LVA..: Newmillerdam Viaduct
..Photography LVA..: Newmillerdam Railway Bridge
..Photography LVA..: Newmillerdam Woods
..Photography LVA..: Dirty Winter
..Photography LVA..: Gawthorpe Water Tower
..Photography LVA..: Self Portrait
..Photography LVA..: Bolton Abbey
..Photography LVA..: Tartan Heart
..Photography LVA..: Findhorn water break
..Photography LVA..: Sun Sets over Culbin Forest
..Photography LVA..: Kirkstall Abbey
..Photography LVA..: Autum Leaves
..Photography LVA..: Kirkstall Abbey
..Photography LVA..: Newmillerdam Tree Line
..Photography LVA..: Autum is here
..Photography LVA..: Tunnel of Love
..Photography LVA..: St Marys, Hook, East Yorkshire
..Photography LVA..: Chris & Laura, York Wedding
..Photography LVA..: "Culbin Edge, Brodie Pl, Scotland"
..Photography LVA..: Nairn Beach September 2020
..Photography LVA..: Culbin Forest