stefan.bayer: It's DIRT! It's never getting too fancy to get away from what got you there in the first place. That's how people lose.
stefan.bayer: New day new light
stefan.bayer: Where's my head again?
stefan.bayer: studio garden
stefan.bayer: Pollen
stefan.bayer: Macro blossom
stefan.bayer: down and up
stefan.bayer: Red tulip
stefan.bayer: Morning glow
stefan.bayer: Friesenhofen
stefan.bayer: Sky beauty
stefan.bayer: Allgäu meadow
stefan.bayer: Sunrise
stefan.bayer: The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed
stefan.bayer: Morning flight
stefan.bayer: Clouded
stefan.bayer: Löwenzahn
stefan.bayer: Clouds
stefan.bayer: sunset clouds
stefan.bayer: You choose the future with your actions each day
stefan.bayer: field work
stefan.bayer: The paradox of risk:
stefan.bayer: Kuhwiese
stefan.bayer: Frauenzell